Saturday, November 1, 2014

#20: Date Night, Part 3

"Gee, thanks, Bill," Regina said.  "Great hotdogs!"

"Yup, little lady," Bill laughed, "they're my culinary specialty!"

Regina snorted.  "'Little lady'--did you get that from Derek?," she teased.

"Yeah, I heard him call Kelly that and thought it was TOO funny," Bill admitted.

"They're a pretty cute couple, dontcha think?," Regina asked.  "Do you think they'll actually get together?"

"Oh, please!," Bill scoffed.  "They're already married.  They're like visitors from another galaxy and just float above the rest of us.  And they seek out their own kind.  My only worry is that their perfect genius future children will take over the world!"

"That's a little snippy," Regina mused.

"Not at all!," Bill defended himself.  "I think the world of Derek--he's such a solid guy.  It's just that he's also SUCH a stiff--more than a little bit pompous--so it's fair to make fun of him at least a little bit!"


Alice had gotten her wish of tending bar for free at the Solar Flare Lounge,

and--to free up space at the bar for Alice to do her magic--Derek and Kelly had moved to a table.

Derek thought he could gaze at Kelly forever.

"So, what do you want out of life, Kelly?," Derek asked.

Kelly looked dreamily off into the distance.


Peter and Lou took time out from painting and programming to eat leftovers together in front of the TV.

"So," Peter asked, "the house is doing okay financially, right?"

"Yes," Lou replied, "largely thanks to you."

"Not that some of the others haven't made real contributions, too," Lou continued.  "Bill's woodworking is starting to be really profitable, now that he's making dining tables, and Regina has completely surprised me with how much she's making in royalties on her books."

"She's got a really upbeat personality, and that comes through in her writing," Peter observed.  "I'm not surprised at her commercial appeal."

"And we get a LOT from collecting--Derek and Bill and Regina contribute almost half the household income just from that."

Lou was quiet for a moment.  "I just wish I were earning more money at this point," she said, wistfully.

"It'll come in time," Peter reassured her.  "Once you can start a regular job, that is."

Lou was still quiet.  "How much does money matter to you, anyway?," Peter asked her.

"A lot," Lou admitted.  

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