Thursday, November 13, 2014

#29: The Night Out At The Art Gallery, Part 2.

Once the foursome arrived at The Futures Past museum, Peter and Lou stopped at one of the first sculptures.

"This looks pretty much like the bust that's on our dresser," Lou announced flatly.

"Yes," Peter said, "but this is an original casting, and the one in our rental house is a copy."

Derek and Kelly had gone ahead to the bar,

then to the next exhibit.  "Oh, I like all the little boats," Kelly enthused.

Lou and Peter headed upstairs.

"Look at this," Peter said, as they stopped in front of one painting.  "Isn't this exquisite?"

"Yes, I like this a lot," Lou agreed.

 Downstairs, Derek said to Kelly, "May I tell you how absolutely lovely you look this evening?"

Kelly blushed, but was clearly pleased.

Upstairs, Peter and Lou moved on to the next painting.

"Yup, like this one too," Lou declared.

Downstairs, Derek and Kelly had stopped paying any attention to the art.  Derek was trying mightily to distract Kelly from the seemingly endless parade of guys who came over to talk to her.

Lou and Peter continued through the exhibit.  "Now this I like a lot," Lou said.


"You have very good taste," Peter tried to compliment her.


"Gee, thanks," Lou said drily.

"You know something about art, don't you," Peter laughed.

"I know something about a lot of things," Lou replied.  She had never let Peter know she was a genius.

But Peter had already figured that out.

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