Sunday, November 16, 2014

#32: The Natural Beauty

Friday morning, Lou finished another mobile app, and reached Level 10 of Programming.

Peter was, as usual, painting nearby.  "I'm glad to see you happy," said Peter.  ('For once,' he thought to himself.)

Dude, who had reached Level 10 in Guitar a few days earlier, went out to the park to play for tips.

"Later, dudes!" he called.

"No, YOU'RE the dude!" Peter razzed him.

"No, YOU'RE the dude!" Dude razzed back.

Regina mailed her latest book, "The Fantasy Life Of Plants," to a publisher, and Kelly--trying to help Regina out, and because there were already enough meals in the fridge--was weeding the household's small herb garden.

Alice was practicing making the drinks she had learned at the Blue Velvet Lounge the previous night.

Regina went to the small park next door to harvest plants.  Bill caught up to her.  "Wow, you look hot!" he said admiringly.

Regina giggled.  "Ha ha ha--no one's ever said that to me before!"

 "You're kidding!" Bill said in disbelief.

"Oh, come on!" Regina scoffed.  "I spend all my time hanging around with Alice--who's totally stacked, Kelly--who's a goddess, and Lou who--for all her crabbiness--is really quite beautiful.  So, no guy ever gives ME a second look!"  But she didn't seem upset about it, and just moved on to the next plant to be harvested.

"But you're a natural beauty!" Bill called after her.  "And that's the best kind!"

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