Monday, November 3, 2014

#22: Guitar and Mixology

Alice and Dude reached the Blue Velvet Lounge,

where Dude started playing songs to an empty room,

and Alice began tending bar for free (again).

Playing the blues, Dude earned $36 in the first 5 minutes,

 and got tips from 7 different customers in the first half hour.  And then, to his delight, a pianist sat down to jam with him.

'You know,' Dude thought to himself, 'once in a while that girl Alice has a decent idea!'

Meanwhile, Alice was making friends at the bar.  (Money--no, but friends, yes.)  But she was happy, because more than one bartender in town had told her that, if customers liked her, they would "come to have a drink with her", and that she'd make money for her employer and get promoted quickly (when she eventually had a job, that is).

Dude continued to attract a (tipping!) crowd,

and Alice was a big hit, too.

By the time the two left the Blue Velvet--near dawn--Dude had earned almost $300, and Alice had learned some bar tricks,

 and had improved her Mixology skill to Level 4.

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