Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#24: What (Some) Women Want

A few hours later on Wednesday morning, Peter had gone back to bed (after completing and selling 2 more paintings), and Lou was still working on her latest mobile app (and still fuming over her earlier conversation with Peter about Alice).

Dude and Derek were having a determined and spirited game of chess,

and Regina and Kelly were having breakfast together.

"So," Regina asked quietly, "how did your big date go with Derek the other night?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it a 'big' date," Kelly replied, also quietly, "although we did have a very pleasant time together at the Solar Flare Lounge.  Derek has some fine qualities, but--to be honest--he lacks other qualities that I'm looking for."

Regina was mildly exasperated.

"Kelly, good grief!," she exclaimed.  "As long as I've known you, all you wanted to was to be married to a nice guy and have children.  And Derek looks like a darn good candidate for that!  A future ASTRONAUT, for heaven's sake???"

"Regina, he's a very attractive 'candidate', as you say.  But he's a little full of himself, don't you think?  And I just want to make sure I get someone who's attentive to my needs."

"It looks to me like Derek worships the ground you walk on," Regina chided.

"Maybe so, but, I don't want to be a 'trophy wife'--I want a career, too," Kelly protested.  "And I would expect my husband to help out with our children, and I just don't get the feeling that Derek would be on board with that."

"So," Regina exhaled slowly, "it seems your 'needs' have changed.  Have you TOLD Derek any of this?  Have you asked him about his views on child-rearing?"

"Well, no," Kelly admitted.

"What do you think they're talking about over there?," Dude said, strategically trying to unnerve Derek so that he would make a mistake in their game.  "They seem pretty animated."

"Oh," Derek said without looking up, not falling for the ploy, "who knows what the ladies talk about when they're together.  I'm sure it's not important."

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