Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#28: The Night Out At The Art Gallery, Part 1.

"So, what are you going to wear?" Kelly asked Lou, brimming with excitement.

"Uhh, THIS?" Lou answered, raising her eyebrows.

"Oh, come on, Lou," Kelly begged.  "Please make an effort--this is a date."

"This is NOT a date," Lou countered.

She continued.  "You and Derek might be on a date, but Peter just wants to see the exhibit, and he suggested I go with you all--I don't know why; maybe because he thinks I work too hard.  And what I'm wearing is FINE for an art gallery," she retorted, and walked away.

"Yes, but it's next door to the Solar Flare Lounge, where Derek and Alice and I went a few evenings ago, and which is quite nice, and has an older clientele, and we'll probably end up there for dinner after the museum.  So could you at least put on a dress--pleeeeeeeeease?"

Lou thought very highly of Kelly.  She admired her for her virtue, and for her other strengths of character.  And she found it difficult to say no when Kelly really wanted something.

So, by the time Kelly had finished her makeup,

Lou had changed into the one dress she owned,

 though she didn't seem very happy about it.

"I say," Derek remarked to Peter, "Lou is actually a very nice-looking lady!"

"And I have no plans to tell her I think so," Peter said grimly.  "Out of fear of being beheaded."

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