Friday, October 31, 2014

#19: Date Night, Part 2

Derek wasn't even upset that Kelly had included Alice in their first date.

Especially once he saw Kelly.

'She may be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen,' Derek thought.

"Come on, Alice," he hollered.  "Let's get going to Oasis Springs!"

The trio arrived at the Solar Flare Lounge,

and took seats at the bar.

"Hey, Robin!," Alice greeted the bartender she'd met on her first (sad) night in Willow Creek at the Blue Velvet Lounge.  "You work here, too?"

"Yeah," Robin answered.  "In this lousy economy, when work comes up anywhere, you gotta take it."

"Soooo," Alice exhaled slowly, "are you saying that, once my initial two weeks of living in Willow Creek are completed, I won't be able to get a job?"

"No, not saying that at all," Robin said.  "You do really seem to know something about mixology, and you're good-looking and people seem to like you, so you could probably get something.  You might have to start at the bottom, though."

"That's okay!," Alice said brightly.  "And, if you need to take a break tonight, Robin, I'd be happy to fill in for you just for the experience."

Robin, clearly already in the weeds, said, "I may just take you up on that!"

Meanwhile, Derek was doing his NASA best to flirt with Kelly in a classy way.

"You are, simply, the loveliest young lady I've ever seen," he said sincerely.

Kelly certainly liked the attention, but was very shy, so spent a fair amount of time Discussing Fine Cuisine with Alice.


Meanwhile, Dude, Bill, and Regina had gone to Magnolia Blossom Park.

"I'm just going to set up right here, guys," Dude announced, and started playing Latin songs.

Once Dude had started drawing a crowd, Bill asked Regina, "Hey, do you want to go collect stuff?"

"Sure thing!," Regina said enthusiastically.

They walked about a hundred feet away.

"It's okay, " Bill said, encouraging Regina.  "Just stick your hand right in there!"

Regina took a deep breath, and went ahead.

"Wow--I caught a frog!," Regina shrieked, excited.

The two dug and collected for a while,

then Bill grilled some hot dogs so they could eat dinner by the lake.


Meanwhile, back at the Utopia House:

 "So, 'Mother'," Peter teased, "what would you like to do while 'the kids' are all out for the evening?"

"Just what we're doing," Lou said, returning to her latest mobile app.


  1. Oh, that Lou! She's all romance! ~ LP

    1. Yes, Lilly--how could any man resist her???