Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#26: Wednesday into Thursday, Week 2.

Regina was delighted to be able to fertilize her small garden, thanks to Derek.

Her plants--once fertilized and watered--immediately improved, and Regina was able to "Evolve" all of them.  Bill, who had been woodworking inside, noticed the sparkles through the window and came outside.

"Wow--I bet you could live off the land, Regina!" he complimented her.

"I'd like to think so!" she responded.


Alice demonstrated to Kelly what she'd learned the previous night at the Blue Velvet Lounge.

"Alice!" Kelly exclaimed.  "It's AMAZING how good you're getting at this!"

 "I know, right?" Alice said gleefully.  "Whoever thought I'd ever be good at anything!"

"Don't sell yourself short, honey," Kelly said seriously.  "We all knew you would eventually find your niche in life."

Alice smiled broadly, but thought to herself, 'Yeah, except for Lou.'

Regina sat down with her plate of food.

"Regina, want me to make you a drink?" Alice asked.

Kelly shot Regina a meaningful look.

"Okaaaaaay," Regina said, "that would be GREAT, Alice!"

Alice got happily back to her drink-making.


Soon thereafter, Kelly and Regina went to bed.  Derek got up and went out jogging,

and Alice--a nightowl--stayed up to clean the kitchen.

Thursday morning, Dude had reached Level 10 in Guitar, and started writing a song to try to earn more money.  Bill, woodworking nearby, didn't mind this at all.  'At least he's actually a good musician at this point,' he thought.

Peter and Lou resumed their usual routine of working side by side and bantering, and the morning royalty reports came in.

"So, how'd you do versus Regina?" Peter teased.

'Ugh,' Lou said to herself.  "As usual, she contributes more than ten times what I do!" she said to Peter, sounding miserable.

"Why are you upset?" Peter asked.  "The household is doing very well financially.  You just told me we've got over $27,000 in funds!"

"Because this 'household' is not my focus in life, Peter," Lou responded.

She continued.  "I want to earn a LOT of money.  And I don't want to spend much more time in this house, because it annoys the crap out of me.  It's obvious--to me at least--that there's at least one 'couple' that's going to move out pretty soon.  And when they do, we're down the best cook as well as a very good provider."

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