Sunday, November 2, 2014

#21: Tuesday, Week 2

Although most of the Utopians had taken Monday night off, the household began the next morning with $16,106, thanks to Bill and Regina's collecting and Peter's latest masterpiece.

Dude hadn't earned any money from playing guitar the previous night, so wanted to get an early start back to Magnolia Blossom Park.

"Hey, Regina, I'm going back to the park to try to make some tips.  Want to come?"

"Sorry, can't," Regina said.  "After I finish this, I'm going to collect plants in the park next door.  "

So Dude went to Magnolia Blossom Park by himself, and got a few people to listen to him.

Derek went jogging twice, dug up some rocks and caught some frogs, then showered and sat down to play chess to work on his Logic.  Kelly joined him.

"So, Kelly" Derek began, "you never answered my question last night about what you want out of life."

"I want what every woman wants," Kelly answered coyly.

"And what might that be?," chuckled Derek.

"For ONE thing," Kelly replied, "a man who KNOWS what a woman wants...."

Lou, listening over her shoulder, was very surprised to hear such boldness from her shy friend.


Regina and Bill went fishing together.

"So," Bill asked, "how did you meet the girls?"

"Well I've known Lou forever," Regina answered.  "Her mom, Rosie Last, was my coach, and she's a REAL ball-buster."

"What sport?," Bill asked.

"Soccer," Regina sighed, "which is probably why Lou took up figure-skating, so she could escape her mother."

"So what happened--how come neither of you are still doing sports?"

"Well, Lou blew out her right knee a few months ago," Regina explained, "so that ended her ice show career.  But she's really smart, and she seems to be enjoying this programming thing.  And my soccer team lost its sponsor, so there wasn't any money to keep the organization going."

"So what are you going to do now?," Bill asked.

"I dunno, really," Regina sighed.  "I like being outdoors, so I don't see myself in an office somewhere.  Maybe I can support myself with this writing thing.  How about you?"

"I sure don't see myself in an office, either," laughed Bill.  "The woodworking brings in a fair amount of money, so I guess I can do okay with that."


Dude returned from the Park.  "Well, I made a grand total of $36," he grumbled.

 Alice followed him into the bathroom.  "Hey, Dude, I'm going to the Blue Velvet tonight to bartend--for free, of course.  Do you want to come with me and see how you do in tips playing there?"

 "That's not a bad idea, Alice--sure!", Dude said.

They both stopped to admire Peter's latest painting on their way out.

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