Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#41: The First Day At Work

"So," Regina demanded, putting down her rod and reel, and asked Bill, who had just proposed to her, "Are you gonna kiss me or not???"


It was nearly dawn, and the rest of the Utopians were arising.  Four of them would start work that day--Derek (he and Kelly had returned early from their date in the park), Peter, Dude, and Lou.

Kelly made a nourishing breakfast of Spinach Frittata to send them all off.

"So," Derek asked Dude quietly once Kelly had left the kitchen, "how was your date with Zoe Patel?"

"It was GREAT!" Dude enthused.  "We have SO much in common!  Especially music--she's a really good pianist.  And the best thing is: she's going on tour with a singer pretty soon, and his band still needs a backup guitar player--so I might be going on tour with her.  Which would be EPIC!!!"

Derek finished his breakfast, and strode out of the Utopia House at 8:00 a.m. for his first day of work.  He was brimming with confidence, and with happiness because of his relationship with Kelly, but he couldn't help wondering what effect Dude's beginning relationship with the pretty, Greek piano player would have on the household.

Peter and Dude left for their jobs at 9:00, and when Lou left for her job at 10:00 she uttered, "Thank God I'm close to getting out of this place!"

Bill and Regina came back to the house shortly after Lou left.  "Hey," Kelly greeted them, "When did you two go out this morning?--I didn't even see you leave!"

"Uhh, early morning is the best time to get the good fish!" Bill said, somewhat nervously.  "And we did really well!!!" he added, trying to sound convincing.

"Great!" exulted Kelly.  "So I'll have something to make us all a terrific dinner!"

They sat down to eat breakfast, and Kelly peppered the other two with endless questions about early morning fishing.  Bill couldn't take it anymore and got up from the breakfast bar, leaving his new fiancee to deal with her friend's avid curiosity.

If the relatively innocent Kelly didn't notice how uncomfortable Bill and Regina were acting, the more experienced Alice did.

Alice also noticed that Bill and Regina were still wearing the same clothes they'd been wearing the day before.

She hurriedly pulled on a pair of jeans and some sneakers.

"Hey, Kelly!" she cried.  "Remember you said you'd show me where the community garden is?--Come on, let's go NOW!  'Cause we've got all this great fish that Bill and Regina caught--this MORNING--" (Alice shot a meaningful glance at Regina) "and so we should get some good herbs and vegetables to go with it.  So we can make a really good dinner for when everyone gets home from their first day of work!"

"Ummm, okay!" said Kelly, a bit surprised.  "Sorry to leave so suddenly," she whispered to Regina, "but you know how great it is whenever Alice shows an interest in anything involving cooking!"

The two girls left for the park.

"Thank God!" Bill said.

"I thought they'd NEVER leave!" said Regina.

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