Friday, November 28, 2014

#44: The Rivalry Continues.

Wednesday morning, after Derek, Peter, and Dude left for work, Alice practiced Mixology,

Regina gardened,

Bill crafted and sold more bathtubs,

and Kelly tried to get Lou to watch the Cooking Channel for instruction.  "Lou, you're going to be on your own pretty soon," Kelly prodded, "and it would be a good idea just to know some basic recipes."

 "There's always takeout and delivery!" Lou retorted,

and left for her job.

Once Alice and Kelly left for their first day of work as Assistant Dishwashers (at different restaurants), Bill and Regina went to the town realty office to buy the old farmhouse,

then went over to the house to begin renovating it.

"Wow--we've got a LOT of work to do here," Regina observed.

"It'll be okay--we'll just break it up into small jobs," Bill assured her.  "And Derek owes me BIG time for putting in his bathroom, so on his first day off from work, I OWN his a**!" Bill said gleefully.

Regina was very amused by Bill and Derek's relationship.  "I'm SOOO glad the two of you have each other--because it cuts down on the amount of teasing I get!" she said.

Bill started out in the large room upstairs, replacing windows,

and laying tile in the part of the room he and Regina had decided should be a bathroom.

Regina ripped the (inexplicable) clapboard off of the stairway,

and scoured the filthy sink and toilet in the powder room.

The two returned to the Utopia House before the others came back from work.

Derek and Dude had both been promoted and, hungry, headed for the fridge.

Peter hadn't been promoted, and immediately sat down at Lou's computer so he could fulfill his last "Research Art Reference" requirement.

"Wow--'Module Cleaner'," Bill razzed Derek, who was walking past him with a plate of food.  "That sounds like a REALLY impressive job!"

"Right, because it's so much less impressive than being UNEMPLOYED!" Derek shot back.

"Hey, I'm 'SELF-employed,' not 'UN-employed'!" Bill countered.

"Congratulations on your promotion, Derek!" Regina said, genuinely pleased for him.

"THANK YOU, Regina," Derek said, pointedly.  "Why do you like this a**hole, anyway???"

"Same reason Kelly likes YOU," Regina retorted.  "We must all be brain dead!"

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