Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#14: Friday, Week 1

Regina started out the morning by mailing her latest work--"Famous Plants in Nonfiction"--to a publisher.

Then, because her small garden didn't need tending, she headed out to harvest some more plants from the wild.  Derek accompanied her as far as the fishing hole.

Selling the plants, along with Regina's book royalties for the day of $138 and the fish Derek had caught, got household funds up to $7,501.

Kelly got up from bed and kept Alice company while the latter made her first Gourmet Meal--"Pasta Primavera".

Alice then took some time out from watching cooking videos to enjoy Dude's guitar playing.

Later, the 4 girls took advantage of the guys' all being busy to gossip about them.

"I think they're all lovely people," Kelly said sweetly.

"Yeah, really helpful and productive," Regina observed.  "Especially Bill, who's so good about fixing all our stuff that breaks all the time!"

"The one I know the best is Peter," said Lou, "because his easel is next to my computer, and we both spend so many hours working that we converse quite a bit."

"I think they're ALL great!," Alice enthused.  Lou rolled her eyes.

Late at night, Regina sent her first screenplay, "Plants Attack!", to a publisher.

Tired, she went back into the house to discover that not only were all 4 beds taken, but so were all 3 loveseats.

Making matters worse, Alice had practiced making drinks again, but had neglected to clean the bar when she was done.

This made Regina, grabbing a bite to eat, a bit grumpy.

Kelly, upon getting up, just decided to clean it herself.  And then to practice making drinks.

Household funds were $9,280.

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