Thursday, October 23, 2014

#4: What To Do About Alice?, Part 2

Lou, Kelly, and Regina joined Alice at a small table in the dimly lit, alleged "dining room".  ('What a dump!,' Lou grumbled to herself.)

"Okay, what's the plan?,"  Lou asked, pissed off.  "Anyone have any ideas???"

"Well," Kelly sighed, "I don't think Alice can go back to Sims Freeplay Town."

"And," Regina interjected, "if Alice can't go back, then none of us can go back.  Because we're a team!"

Lou rolled her eyes.  "Stop being ridiculous, Regina!"

"Why should the rest of us give up our lives just because Alice can't get her shit together???," demanded Lou, as if Alice hadn't been there.

"Lou," Regina protested, "it's not as if we've got any lives to go back to in Sims Freeplay Town--Kelly got laid off from the preschool, you blew out your knee so can't work in the ice show any more, and there are no more Athletic jobs, so I'm unemployable, too."

"So what the frick are we supposed to do"," Lou asked, exasperated again.

"Hey, ladies," said the pony-tailed guy from the bar.  (None of the girls had noticed that he'd pulled up a chair at a nearby table, and had been listening to their conversation.)

"I may have a solution for you, if you're willing to listen."

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