Sunday, October 26, 2014

#10: The Rest of the First Day in Utopia.

Dude got to Level 3 in guitar, and showed no sign of stopping.

Lou finished a spline reticulation plugin, and got $11 for her efforts, and another $13 for her first plugin (the malware blocker).  She also reached Level 3 in Programming, and became able to mod games.

Regina got $4 in royalties for her first book, "Regina's Radishes".

Though Kelly was thrilled at Alice's new interest in cooking--the girl had stayed up all night watching the Cooking Channel--she encouraged her friend to go to bed.  "And, honey, you could stand a shower, too."

Peter finished 3 more paintings, was also at Level 3, and asked Lou if he could talk to her.  The two sat down at the chess table.

"I think we need to put someone in charge of the household's money," Peter said.  "And I vote for you."

"I'm happy to do it," Lou said.  "But I guess we should put it up for a household vote."

"Do you seriously think anyone else is interested in doing it?" Peter asked.  "Or capable of doing it?"

Bill got up, and took a serving of Kelly's Garden Salad.

"Are you always an early-to-bed type?," he asked Kelly.

"Pretty much, yes," she answered.  "Also, Alice is a nightowl, so it seems a good idea to alternate shifts if we're both going to handle the cooking."

"That mac and cheese she made was really good!," Bill said.  Kelly said nothing.  "I'm guessing you helped her," smiled Bill.

"I think Alice is worth it," Kelly said adamantly.  "She just needs a little guidance, that's all."

Lou headed for bed,

as did Peter after selling his latest paintings, which brought the household funds up to $954.

After eating, Bill got started on a woodworking project.

Dude--finally hungry--came in from practicing, and Regina gave up working on her second book to get something to eat, too.

"You sure like to play guitar, Dude," she observed.

"It's my life!" Dude said, somewhat dramatically.

Because there were no beds available,

Dude crashed on one of the loveseats.

"I guess we should keep the TV off, if he's going to be sleeping out here," Kelly reasoned, as she did the dishes.

Regina, who loved the outdoors, opted for the park bench out in front of the house.

"Hey, Kelly," Bill came over.  "I made you and Alice a knife block."

"Thanks, Bill!," Kelly gushed.

Alice got up, as did Peter, and they chatted while he ate mac and cheese.

Lou modded a game,

and Dude resumed practicing.

Bill learned to craft furniture, and built and sold several barstools, on each of which he made a $15 profit,
(though he managed to injure himself several times).

Derek went for a jog (he needed Fitness for his future NASA career), and figured he'd do some more fishing and collecting after exercising.

He found some wild mushrooms and saved them for Kelly.

Peter started another painting.

and Alice and Kelly watched cooking instructional videos.

When Regina awoke, late in the day, she bought some seeds and planted and watered them,

then returned to writing her second book, while Lou kept Peter company.

Kelly went to bed early again,

as did Bill and Dude.  Derek played chess (he needed Logic for his future career, as well),

 and Alice made BLTs for anyone who wanted one.

The household had $1,016 by the end of the day.

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