Thursday, October 23, 2014

#7: Contributions

Lou liked the new addition.  'Thank God--another normal person!', she said to herself.

"Okay, meeting!," she announced.  "Everyone take a seat."  (Lou was nothing if not bossy.)

"How would this work?," she continued.  "Let's discuss what we all have to contribute.  Peter here can paint; I can make money from programming.  Kelly?  Regina?"

Kelly took a deep breath.  "Well, I don't think I can do anything that earns us money, but I could be our  cook, and at least keep us all fed."

And Regina said, "Yeah, I don't know that I can make money, either, but I can grow vegetables, so cooking would be cheaper for Kelly.  And I've always wanted to do a gardening book--I've been thinking about it for ages--so maybe that could bring us in a little money."

Bill added enthusiastically, "I can do woodworking, and make sculptures, and sell them."

 Derek, sitting behind Bill at the chess table, volunteered in his booming voice, "I can fish.  And that would ALSO make it cheaper for Kelly to cook!"  He winked at Kelly, which embarrassed her.

Dude said, "I'm sure I can make tips from playing guitar!  Eventually, at least."

'Well, THERE'S a ringing endorsement!,' Lou grumbled to herself.

"Okay, so we're done," Lou announced.

"Wait," Derek said.  "We haven't heard from THAT girl."  He pointed to Alice, who looked dismayed at being singled out.

"Ummm, errrrr," Alice started.

"Alice can help me cook!," Kelly exclaimed.  "There's no way one cook is enough for 8 people, so I need Alice to help out."

Alice was very relieved to have gotten ANY vote of confidence at all.

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