Monday, October 20, 2014

Backstory for my SFP Facebook friends:

After having played and blogged Sims 2 extensively, and not having much liked Sims 3 (though I did blog it a bit here), I am now playing--and LOVING--Sims 4!  So, here's my first effort, featuring four Sims I created while playing Sims Freeplay for the last couple of years with a lovely group of folks on Facebook:

Alice Jones used to be the owner (well, it turns out she was actually only a "renter", as we will discover in the current story) of my Sims Freeplay House for Neighbors, and is always up for a party.  Kind of a lush, really, and constantly making poor dating decisions (usually involving men who were already "taken").

Alice has never had a job--all she knows how to do is throw raucous parties--and her friends have never understood how Alice was able to afford her large home and lot

(though they had their suspicions).  As of this new blog, Alice's living situation has unfortunately changed suddenly and drastically for the worse....

Regina Follett is affable and easygoing, and good-natured enough never to be bothered by Alice's often questionable antics.  (Regina's last name was "Fashionista" in SFP, but that seems to be too long for Sims 4!)

Kelly Brett is the sweetest person Alice knows--unfailingly kind, gentle, and moral, she's a virgin who is saving herself for marriage.  She regards Alice as her pet project (although so far an unsuccessful one).

Lou Last (the daughter of Regina's very tough coach, Rosie Last) was a professional figureskater working at an ice show before she blew out her right knee.  She has a bit of a taste for the high life, and is frequently exasperated by Alice's behavior.

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