Thursday, October 23, 2014

#3: What To Do About Alice?, Part 1

Kelly was uncomfortable sitting in the bar once Alice left to go to the bathroom.

Random guys in the bar were waaaaay too interested in her, and that made Kelly nervous.  She had been raised in an evangelical household, and was saving herself for marriage.

That she had managed to be friends with someone like Alice at all was an achievement in and of itself.

Kelly was actually relieved when she saw Lou and Regina arrive, even though she knew there would be repercussions.

"Where is she?," Lou demanded as she strode into the bar.

"Upstairs in the ladies' room," Kelly responded.  "But she already feels pretty bad, so beating up on her is NOT going to be helpful."

Lou sat down; Regina went upstairs to find Alice.

"What are we going to do about Alice?," Lou asked, exasperated.

"Well," Kelly said slowly, "I'm getting the impression she can't go back to Sims Freeplay Town--too many wives and girlfriends seem to be mad at her there.  Plus, she's apparently got no place to live."

 "Based on what Regina and I found out today, those women want Alice's head on a pike!," Lou said.


Regina came back into the bar.  "Okay, I have Alice sitting down in the dining room.  Why don't you guys come out, and please let's be nice and non-judgmental.  She feels bad enough at this point."

"She SHOULD feel bad!," Lou shouted.

None of the girls noticed how interested the pony-tailed scarf-clad guy at the bar seemed to be in their conversation.

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