Monday, October 27, 2014

#12: Wednesday, Week 1

Exhausted and sore from trying to sleep on the park bench, Kelly gave up and went inside to make Tilapia for the group, then took the first bedroom that freed up.

Everyone was enthusiastic about the fish dish, even though it was first thing in the morning.

Lou was thrilled that she had managed to get some freelance work.  (Lou, in addition to being a Geek and Genius, was Materialistic, and dreamed of someday being wealthy and having a huge home.)  She had also earned $43 from her malware blocker plugin.

Though she was tired from sleeping on a loveseat, she was happily working away.

Regina had just published her 3rd book, "Regina's Outdoor Workout," but she'd stayed up all night again writing, and was beat.

 Derek had gotten another huge load of collectibles.  By early evening Wednesday, the household had $3,583.

(Alice celebrated by dancing to the stereo.)

Derek and Kelly ate dinner together,

and Alice learned to make spaghetti.

(Alice was developing some flair in the kitchen!)

She DID make kind of a mess in the kitchen, though, which Kelly didn't like.

So, she cleaned it herself.

At least Alice took out the trash before going to sleep.

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