Sunday, October 26, 2014

#11: Some Progress.

When Kelly got up, she tried one of Alice's BLTs.  'Not bad,' she thought.

Bill found a community garden, and harvested everything that was available.

Dude was getting good enough at the guitar--Level 5--that not only were his housemates no longer getting "Tense" from his practicing, they actually went outside to listen to him.

Peter was turning out paintings as fast as he'd promised, and had sold a large one for $230--a profit of $130!

Bill got back from collecting, digging, and harvesting,

and had gotten quite a haul--even after giving Derek a few dozen plants to use as bait for fishing, from selling the rest of what he'd found he (and Peter) had the household's funds up to $2,122.

"Hey, let's have a party!," Alice suggested cautiously to Lou.

Lou frowned.  "Why?" she asked.

"'Cause everyone's been working really hard, and we should keep the morale up.  Besides, I've been thinking about trying to find work as a bartender, so I need to practice making drinks."

Lou relented.  "Well, I think we're in good enough shape financially after 2 and a half days that we can afford to spot you some ingredients."

Alice happily started mixing drinks with recipes she'd gotten from watching TV.

Bill kept Regina company while she weeded her small garden and mailed her second book, "Regina's Radicchio," to a publisher.

Kelly made more mac and cheese,

but just as she was about to serve dinner, the kitchen sink broke, and Bill had to fix it.

"Well, that deserves a drink!," Bill announced when he was done, and sat down at the bar.

Dude and Regina started dancing to the stereo.

But unfortunately almost everyone got tired at the same time--meaning that all the beds filled up, and Kelly ended up sleeping outside on the bench.

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