Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#1: Alice Hits Town

“Hit me again, barkeep,” Alice said, indicating her empty glass, already smeared with fingerprints.

Robin, the bartender currently working her shift at the Blue Velvet Nightclub, wondered whether she should continue serving a customer who seemed well on her way to an epic drunk.

Robin knew what the bar's liability would be for serving, say, a drunk driver, but from what Alice had already told her, Robin figured there was no chance Alice would be driving that night.

“Hey, Robby, how about you make me a Snakebite #1?,” asked the pony-tailed guy who had just sat down next to Alice.

Robin looked at him blankly. “Dude, is this some new hip drink you've heard of, and you're just trying to torture me?  What's in it?”

“No idea,” the guy grinned. “Had it in Oasis Springs the other night, and thought it was great.”

“Two ounces Yukon Jack, dash of lime juice”, Alice volunteered.

“You a bartender?,” Robin asked Alice.

“Nope, just like to drink,” Alice said wearily.

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