Monday, October 27, 2014

#13: Thursday, Week 1

Nearly everybody seemed to be up at the same time on Thursday.

Peter had watched a Romance movie when he got up, and so was working on a "Flirty" painting.

"So," Bill chuckled, "what was the influence for THAT?"

But the joke was on Bill when the painting sold for $248.

Alice was pumped (even after having slept on the park bench), and made 8 servings of a High Energy Protein Plate.

Regina tended to her plants,

and then went into the park with Bill, wanting to know where the community garden was.  Regina was still only a Level 1 gardener, so she figured harvesting would help her advance the skill.

She got to Level 2!  When she returned to the Utopia house, she put one of each fruit and vegetable into the fridge, and sold everything else.  She then sent her new collection of poetry, "Poems from Plants", to a publisher.  (This was the first time Regina was able to sell to a publisher, which would get her more money than self-publishing.)

Together with what Bill had collected (while accompanying Regina through the park in the dark), household funds were $4,924 at mid-morning on Thursday.

Bill, however, came back to yet another broken faucet.

(At least he was getting his Handiness level up, which would help him earn more money from woodworking projects.)

He became able to build end tables, the materials for which cost him $52, but he could sell a "Good" end table for $105.  The profit of $53 was considerably better than the $15 profit he had been making on barstools.

Alice busied herself making non-alcoholic drinks (it was still morning, after all).

Regina's royalties from writing gardening books were starting to add up.

Lou was doing more freelance work when the trolley went by.  'Hate living near a trolley,' she muttered.

The kitchen sink broke (again) and Bill had to fix it.  'Geez, I think I know why the owner can't get anyone to buy this place,' he said, exasperated.

Late afternoon, Regina "Evolved" her 4 plants to "Nice".

Kelly was very diligent about keeping the kitchen clean.

Derek unfortunately got into a fight with someone while fishing.

But he still he had successful night of fishing, and by the end of the night the household had $6,136.

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