Thursday, October 30, 2014

#18: Date Night, Part 1

Lou finished her first Mobile App, and took a break to talk to Peter.  Kelly and Derek were playing chess, and Regina was cleaning the kitchen.

"Kelly," Derek said, looking her straight in the eye, "would you allow me to escort you out for the evening tonight?  While out fishing, I heard about a club in Oasis Springs that might be fun."

Kelly was surprised, but delighted.  "I'd love to--you're going to wear a shirt, right?"

"Sure thing, little lady!," exclaimed Derek.

Interested in--and supportive of--Derek's overture to Kelly, Bill contemplated asking out Regina, who (like him) loved the outdoors.  'Maybe we could go to the Park together, and fish and collect stuff.'

But he was foreclosed by Dude, who suddenly stopped practicing and said, "Hey, guys, I thought I'd go to the Park and try playing for tips.  Anybody else want to come with me?"

Bill hesitated a moment, just long enough for Regina to chirp, "I'm in!  That sounds like fun!!!"

"Yeah, I'm in, too," added Bill, walking away and trying to look casual.  "Hey, there might be some good Collectibles there!"

 "How about you, Lou?," Bill asked.

"Sorry, no," she replied.  "I've got another mobile app to work on."

"Me either," said Peter over his shoulder.  "I'm on a streak with masterpieces, and don't want to break my concentration.

"Alice, you up?," asked Dude.

"Yes, I just got up," Alice responded, sounding confused.

"No," Dude laughed, "I mean, a bunch of us are going to the Park--do you want to come with us?"

"Actually," Alice answered--to everyone's surprise--"I thought I'd go back to the Blue Velvet Nightclub tonight, and see if they'll let me tend bar for a while.  Even if I can't get paid, at least I'd get some experience."

"Then why don't you come with Derek and me?," offered Kelly.  "We're going to a nightclub in Oasis Springs--maybe you can practice there!"

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