Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#107: Lana's Dilemma

"Umm, what?" Lana said sleepily, raising herself up.

"Sorry--you look really tired," Zoe said.  "How was your first day at work on the police force?"

"It was great, but it was also exhausting," Lana replied.

"It's so great to have a regular job, though," she added.


Rafael--although he had greatly enjoyed his time in L.A., for MANY reasons--was very happy to be back in Willow Creek with Zoe, and to be taking her--and his house-sitter, Lana--out to dinner.

Zoe looked stunning, as usual (especially given all the money Rafael spent on her),

and Lana looked as good as--well, probably, she had EVER looked, since she had borrowed a dress, a pair of shoes, and some jewelry from Zoe.

And she was totally getting checked out by some men in the Solar Flare Lounge.

"Lana," Rafael asked after they had been seated at their table, "please tell us EVERYTHING about your new police job!"

Lana chattered on about everything she had done that day,

and Zoe was thrilled to see her friend so happy and animated.

"So, the other thing is," Lana said, "you know that weirdo who trespassed and swam in your pool?--I was assigned to be his parole officer while you two were away."

"Why, that is FASCINATING, Lana!" Rafael exclaimed.  "So, what happened with that odd fellow?"

"The Chief of Police had me give him an aptitude test, and it turns out--he's extremely intelligent."

"And there are so many private-sector companies starting up in town that I think we can manage to find him an entry-level position somewhere."

"This must be so gratifying for you, Lana!" Rafael said.  "To have a job in which you can make a difference in a man's life--and rescue him."

"Yes," she replied.  "Yes it is."


Two hours later, after dinner, Rafael and Zoe had his chauffeur drop Lana off at her rental house.  Zoe explained to Rafael that she had to go inside for just a minute, on the pretense that she had to retrieve something she'd lent to Lana.

Once inside, Lana immediately went to make tea, in an attempt to avoid the conversation she knew Zoe wanted to have.

 "So, what are you going to do about Declan," Zoe asked.

Lana sighed.  "He's obviously asleep already," she answered.  "I'm just gonna crash on the sofa."

Zoe walked into the kitchen.

"Lana, you can't keep going on like this.  You've got a serious job now, and you need to get some decent sleep.  And you really can't continue to be stressed out the way you are now."

 "I know it may seem like I'm not the right person to be telling you this, but--men need to live up to their responsibilities!"


  1. I feel like I missed something...I realize that Lana and Declan do not have a good relationship, but am I supposed to know the particulars of it? Did I miss a post? I remember Lana swearing at him to turn down the tv or stereo a couple of times, but other than that...? ~ LP

  2. Oops! Never mind, it's explained in the next chapter! ~ LP

    1. Deliberate holding back of information!