Friday, April 24, 2015

#121: Kelly Goes Back Home

After Declan got on the school bus, Alice followed Derek back to his house.  She wanted to make sure he understood the conditions of Kelly's return.

"So, let me get this straight," Derek said.  "I don't get to sleep in the master bedroom until she says I can, I can't speak to my own wife unless she speaks to me first, and she's coming over at lunchtime, and you're going to sit between us and 'referee'."

Alice grimaced.  "Do you want Kelly back or not???"


Lunch was uncomfortable--despite Alice's energetic efforts--but at least Kelly was back in the house.

"So, Kelly," Alice said, "for now, Declan is sleeping in a temporary bedroom in what's really your dining room.  Since we don't yet know how long his mom wants him to stay here--though Lou is trying to find out--don't you think it would be better to build another bedroom upstairs?  Bill and Dude will help."

"I guess," Kelly sniffed. 

Immediately after lunch, Kelly went up to the nursery and read a children's book,

then took a nap in HER bedroom.


Now that Lou had been promoted to Orderly, she was able to check a patient's eyes,

take a patient's temperature,

swab for a sample,

and then analyze the sample.


Lana was advancing in her career, too.  "You want these back on, missy???" she said, dangling her handcuffs in front of a suspect she was interrogating.

Playing the bad cop, Lana eventually got a confession from the suspect.


At his Scientist job, Devin--with the help of his robot friend--invented the SimRay.

Excited, he went to find his co-worker, Frankie.  "Hey--look what I invented!" he exclaimed.

"Devin--don't wave that thing around!!!" Frankie cried.

"Oops!" Devin giggled.  "Sorry!"  He set about chipping away at the ice encasing his colleague.

"Gee whiz, Devin!!!" Frankie uttered, before stumbling off to take a hot shower.

Despite that unfortunate event, Devin was promoted to Junior Tinkerer:


Devin had another meeting scheduled with Lana, his parole officer, and had begged her to come to his house after work to see his new dining room set.

"This is ... ummm ... really something," Lana commented.

"I'm sooooooo glad you like it!" Derek exulted.  "I really pride myself on my decorating!!!"

Devin came and sat down with his drink, and brought a drink for Lana (which she had carefully watched him prepare, since she knew he was now working with chemical serums).

"So, how are things going at work?" she asked.

"Wonderful!" he exclaimed.  "I got promoted AGAIN today!!  Even though I froze a co-worker with the SimRay I invented!!!"

"You MUST know that's not a good thing to do, Mr. Austin," Lana chided.

"I didn't know what the SimRay was going to do," he said defensively.  "It's not like I TRIED to hurt Frankie--and all he did was turn blue, anyway."


Before she left for home, Lana used Devin's powder room--which he assured her was brand new and "designed for the ladies."

'Geez Louise,' she murmured.


That evening, Kelly made dinner,

while Derek helped Declan with his homework.

"Now, we have a deal, right?" Derek asked the boy.  "You will be VERY nice to Kelly, and then I will take you to the park again tomorrow after school."


"This is REALLY good," Declan said, talking with his mouth full.  "What is it?"

"It's Lobster Tortellini," Kelly told him.  "So, it's small circles of filled pasta, served together with lobster."

"What's lobster?" the boy asked.


After dinner, the three watched the Kids' Network,

till it was Declan's bedtime.

"I'm going to bed," Kelly announced.  "Goodnight."

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