Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#118: Many Scenes, Part 5

Bill had been hard at work on the nursery, now that he and Derek had moved the comfy double bed to Derek's house so that Declan could use it.

"This room is SOOOOO cute, Bill!" Regina complimented him.

"Thanks, sweetie!" Bill said.  "I just wish we had a baby for this second bassinet!"

"Patience, babe!" she laughed.  "Any day now!"


After school, Derek attempted to get Declan interested in fishing,

to no avail.  "This is STUPID!" Declan complained.

Then Derek tried to get the boy interested in digging and collecting,

"This is too hard!" Declan complained.

So, Derek just took the kid to the park,

where Declan at least seemed to have SOME fun playing with other kids.

Derek occupied himself playing chess.


With supervision, Lou was now allowed to do basic treatments to patients.

She was happy to be advancing, and even got promoted to Orderly,

 but it had been an exhausting day, and she wanted nothing more than to go home to bed.

But--thanks to Zoe's help--Lana had agreed to meet her at the Rattlesnake Bar, so Lou went there instead.


Lana had also been promoted that day.

"Thank you for coming, Officer," Lou said.

"Okay," Lana said hesitantly (not sure what she was in for).

"I'll get right to the point," Lou said.  "How long do you plan to leave your son with Derek?"

"I haven't really thought about it," Lana said, somewhat coolly.  "I might have a timetable at some point--when I'm a bit further along in my career."

"But you MUST know the effect this situation is having on Derek's pregnant wife," Lou chided her.

"That's not really MY problem, now, IS it?" Lana sniffed.

"Look," Lana went on, "I live in a freakin' trailer.  With one bedroom, and one single bed.  I can't do my job as a police officer and get no sleep because that obnoxious little shit is there.

"And it's HIGH TIME that Derek started living up to his responsibilities--because I've been doing it alone for YEARS!"

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