Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#110: Derek's Mess

Bill thought about how to answer Derek's question, and chose to say, "Regina took her out for coffee or tea, or something, to calm her down.  Or maybe to a spa for a massage."

Bill figured that lying to Derek was a safer option than the truth.  If Derek knew that Kelly was just across the street at Lou's, he would have raced over there and probably made the situation worse.

"So, what's up with this Lana chick?" Bill asked.  "Are you the father of her kid?"

"Hell if I know," Derek answered.  "I suppose I could be.  As far as I know, Lana was using birth control.  But maybe her pill or IUD or whatever failed."

"Or she could just be lying!" Derek suggested.

"For what possible reason?" Bill asked, exasperated.  "It's easy enough to get a DNA test these days, and then the issue will be settled once and for all."

"But you said that Regina said that Kelly said that Lana said that she's a police officer.  Which means Lana KNOWS people, and could probably fake test results!"

"Stop it!" Bill pleaded.  "Just stop it!"

"Hey, I'll tell you what--" Bill went on, "Lou is starting her new medical career tomorrow.  Let's have HER run the DNA test.  You know she cares about Kelly so, if there's ANY doubt that you're Declan's father, Lou will be certain to make that clear--if for no reason other than to protect Kelly."

Just then, Lou burst through the side door.

"Now YOU listen to ME, you fucking asshole!" she shouted at Derek.

"Kelly is going to stay at my house for the time being, and YOU are going to take care of this kid when he gets home from school.  And you are NOT going to try to see Kelly until she's ready to see you!

"Because you can't possibly have ANY good explanation for this shit-storm!"


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    1. I am enjoying this twist of fate. Lou is a tough one and I hope she finds a good bedside manner since she will be working in the medical field.

      Can't wait for Derek to meet Declan. Maybe a male in his life will help straighten him out.

    2. Then you will love tomorrow morning's post, Angela!

  2. Yes, Angela--and Derek and Declan look SO similar!

  3. Wow, they're so ready to judge Derek! He didn't know! All except Kelly came with pasts, which means Derek had already had his share of disappointments and was ready to find a meaningful love with Kelly. ~ LP

    1. You must be a very understanding partner, Lilly!

      Derek did "go dark" on his lover, which was not very nice.

  4. You're right, he was very immature and uncaring about Lana, but it was also in the past and what matters is what he does next. I can understand Kelly being upset because this is not the idyllic life she dreamed of, but this is how life is. It's messy. It's imperfect. People make mistakes and there are consequences. The wise and loving soul learns to readjust their "vision" and deal with the life they're given.

    In this case, Kelly has to accept Derek for the imperfect being that he is and build a larger family circle than she originally planned. It will have to include an "ex". I think Kelly will get there, it's just painful to watch in the meantime. What's great about your story, Veil, is that we get to see Derek and Kelly grow as their relationship is tested. ~ LP