Saturday, April 25, 2015

#122: Zoe's Big Surprise

It was 11:00 a.m.  Zoe had just gotten up, and was already bored.

Rafael came into the kitchen.  "Corazon!" he cried with delight.  "You are awake!  How soon can you be ready to go somewhere with me?"

"Where could we possibly be going at this time of the morning?" she asked him, confused.  "Unless you're coming to the spa with me."

"I have a WONDERFUL surprise for you!" he told her.


An hour later, Zoe was ready, and the two left Rafael's house.


They traveled to a lovely neighborhood that Zoe had never visited.

"This is nice," Zoe said.  "Where are we?"

"This is the extremely pleasant shopping district of Magnolia Springs," he replied.

"Oooh," Zoe said, suddenly interested.  "Is there a good clothing boutique?"

"Not YET," Rafael said slyly.

He led her into a one-story building.

"What IS this place, Rafael?"

"This is a clothing store!" he announced.  "And I have purchased it for you!!!"

Zoe was confused.  "You ... bought this ... for me?"

"Yes, corazon!  I could see that you were getting bored, and I do not want you to be bored.  And you have such an EXQUISITE sense of style--I think you would be EXCELLENT at this!"

Zoe walked around in a daze.

 "But Rafael, I have NO idea how to run a business!" she worried.

"Sure, I can pick good clothes that I think will sell.  And I can probably even figure out how to buy wholesale.  But finances?  Hiring employees?  Advertising?--I've got NO idea about ANY of that!"

"But Princesita!" he exclaimed.  "I can help you with ALL of those things!  For instance, I--Rafael--have been marketing myself for YEARS!"

"And you said that you wanted us to spend more time together," he added.  "So, when I am not away filming, I can be here with you!"

"After all--I am an internationally famous Latin soap star!" he continued.  "I could do autograph sessions, take pictures with fans, perhaps do a celebrity book signing.  Of course, I would have to WRITE a book first.  But I would be a HUGE draw for the store!"

He hugged her.

Zoe was ecstatic--she had just realized that the reason Rafael had been mysteriously out of the house so often was that he had been looking for a store for her.


  1. A store to keep her out of the house while he plays around! He definitely knows how to work his magic.

    1. I agree.... oh Rafael, you sly old dog, you...