Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#115: Many Scenes, Part 4

As he had told his parole officer the evening before, Devin was VERY excited about his new science job.  He wasn't sure how to dress for work, so he decided to wear his very best suit.


Devin was issued fire-safe clothing when he showed up for work.

He marveled at all of the high-tech equipment--and he had already found a couple of ladies.

Devin had been told by his boss to Practice Analysis, so that's what he did.

He had a breakthrough, so went to the Invention Constructor, which he liked very much.

The sparks and smoke didn't unnerve Devin--in fact, he liked them.

He invented a Momentum Conserver, and also made friends with the inventing machine.

Devin then had to spend an hour doing Experiments on the Chemistry Lab.

Devin was instructed that he always had to take a shower after working in the chem lab.

"Oooooh, a basement!--I LOVE basements!"

"This is the coolest shower I've ever seen!"

The shower even monitored Devin's vital signs.

Devin's lab coat and other work clothing had been contaminated so, not sure what to do, he changed back into his snazzy yellow suit.

He brainstormed with his new Invention Creator friend,

then was directed to water the plants.  "Hellooooooo, little planties!"

Then he harvested them,

so he would have the necessary ingredients to Mix Synthetic Food Serum.

A co-worker instructed him how to find another labcoat,

then his day was over and he headed to the Rattlesnake Bar to meet Lana.


 While Derek was at work, his friends managed to get a basic bedroom set up for Declan.

Declan did not seem that impressed, but at least agreed to do his homework,

while Derek cooked them Franks and Beans for dinner.

'Another small success,' Derek thought.


"So, how was your first day at work, Mr. Austin?" Lana asked.

"Ooooh--it was delightful!" he cooed.

"I got to work with SO many dangerous things!  And I made friends with a robot!  And they gave me money and other stuff!  I even stayed late at work--I didn't want to leave!!!  But they made me."

"But at least they said I could come back again tomorrow," he added.

"Well, it sounds as though you had a successful day," Lana commented.


Lou came home from work with a heavy heart, because she had gotten the results of the DNA test.

And she dreaded delivering the news to Kelly.

Peter had finished painting for the day, and he and Kelly were watching an Edwardian drama on TV.

As the episode dealt with sex out of wedlock, illegitimate children, and several other forms of betrayal, Peter didn't think this was the best entertainment for his depressed friend.

But it was what Kelly had wanted to watch--she apparently never missed an episode.

"Can I get you anything?" he offered.

Just then, Lou entered the house,

and stopped in her tracks when she saw Kelly.

"You don't even have to say it," Kelly said, starting to cry.

"I knew that Declan was Derek's son the moment I saw the boy."


  1. Come on Kelly! It is not like he hid this from you.

    1. Kelly first found out Derek had a son when Lana and Declan showed up on her doorstep. While Kelly was a virgin till marriage, she may not necessarily have thought Derek was also, but--happy to be expecting her first child with Derek--she wasn't in any way prepared for this. Derek had never mentioned Lana to her (though he had to the guys).

  2. Was she watching Downton Abbey? ~ LP