Monday, April 13, 2015

#114: Lana and Devin; Declan's Bedroom

Lana had asked Devin Austin to meet her at the Rattlesnake Bar, in order to discuss his new job.

Though she was now armed, she felt safer meeting the odd fellow in a public place.

"Hellooooooo!" Devin exulted as he entered the bar.

"I'm lovin' your outfit, girl!" he exclaimed, sliding into the seat across from her.  "Excuuuuse me--I'm lovin' your outfit, 'OFFICER'!!!"

"It's not as revealing as what you were wearing the last time I saw you here, but it gives me a whole new bunch of fantasies!"

"Mr. Austin, I'm here in the capacity of your parole officer, to discuss the new job you are starting tomorrow," Lana said sternly.

"You need to take this opportunity seriously--this is a chance for you to straighten out your life," she said.

"Oh, but I assure you I'm SOOOOO excited about it!" Devin cried.  "Loads of cool equipment?  All the experiments I've always wanted to do??  All the foxy lady scientists I can meet???"

"Well, it's good that you're taking an avid interest in your new career," Lana said, sounding somewhat doubtful.

"Please call me tomorrow night after you finish your first day at work, Mr. Austin--to tell me how it went," she asked.

"Ohhhhh," Devin said, sounding disappointed.  "Can't we please meet HERE again tomorrow night???   So I can see you in another hotty outfit!!!"


The next morning before work, Derek walked across the street.

After Declan's tantrum of the prior evening, Derek had felt he had no choice but to bring the boy back to Bill and Regina's house, and impose on his friends for another night.

"I just don't know how to fix this," he admitted the next morning.

"Look, if he really likes the bed that much," Regina said, "you're free to borrow it.  We need that room for a nursery, anyway, because I'm just about to drop this bundle."

"Yeah," Bill added, "how about after you take the kid to the bus stop, let's carry the bed over to your house and see what we can do there."


Derek thought he'd broach the subject with Declan on the way to the bus.

"So, Bill and I are going to bring your bed over to my house, and we're going to set up a room there for you."

Declan said nothing until they got to the corner.

"I can walk to the bus stop by myself, you know."


"Seriously, dude?" Bill asked, incredulous.

"You thought THIS was going to work???"

"I don't know WHAT to do with this kid," Derek lamented.  "I'm just lost."

The guys had moved Dude's old bed into the empty dining room (which had been Derek and Kelly's temporary bedroom before they added a second story to the house and built a master bedroom/bath up there).

There was no door to the room, and Derek knew this would be a problem for Declan, but it was all Derek could do for the short term.

"How about we do something here?" Bill asked, as they walked back out into the dark upstairs hall.

"We could bang out another bedroom here with a few windows in no time," he said.

"And we could eventually put a kids' bathroom in that corner--you already have water lines in that wall, because of the master bedroom toilet," Bill observed.

 "But I really shouldn't make any major changes to the house without asking Kelly," Derek said dejectedly.

"And she's still not talking to me."


  1. Kelly does need to talk to Derek. She can't let Lou keep her hidden.

    1. I think that, although Kelly's gut feeling was that Declan was Derek's son, she was waiting for confirmation via the DNA test to be sure what she had to deal with.