Monday, April 27, 2015

#123: Many Scenes, Part 6

Derek was not enjoying sleeping on the sofa.

As they were all eating Eggs and Toast for breakfast,

Derek said to Declan, "So, our friends are coming over in about a half hour to start building your new bedroom--isn't that exciting?"

(Derek actually wanted to let Kelly know that Bill and Dude would be there soon, but was mindful of the "new rule" that he wasn't allowed to speak to her unless she spoke to him first.)

"I guess," Declan said guardedly.  He was comfortable enough to be sleeping in the dining room in a decent bed, and he didn't like change.


Derek and Declan were leaving the house just as Bill and Dude arrived.  "Thanks for giving up your day to work on the new bedroom," Derek said.

"Not a problem," Bill assured him.  We can bang this out in no time."


Because of the construction noise, Kelly went over to Regina's house.  She found Alice and Regina upstairs in the nursery with the two babies.

"Oh, you put a sofa up here!" Kelly observed.

"Yeah, because we're always in here anyway!" Regina laughed.


Meanwhile, it was Collection Day at the lab where Devin worked.

His first task was to find 10 Collectibles.

He then called the Geo Council about the rose crystal he had found.

He was then assigned to fish for 20 minutes.  "Hellooo, little fishies!"

He tended the plants in the greenhouse.  "Hellooo, little planties!"

Devin had 2 more breakthroughs

He stayed late to use the Invention Constructer to upgrade his SimRay so it could Transform Objects,

but ran out of time at work so couldn't test it there.


On his way home from work, Derek retrieved Declan from school, and took him to the park.  Derek played chess,

while keeping an eye on Declan, who scrambled up onto the pirate ship,

and played with two other kids.

Derek was surprised, a while later,

to see his son talking to a girl.

Derek gave them a few more minutes, then walked over.

"We've got to get going,  Declan.  Kelly will have started our dinner by now."


"How was the park, Declan?" Kelly asked the boy.

"It was okay," he replied.  It was obvious the kid wasn't going to say any more than that.

"I noticed you talking to a young lady," Derek said.  "Friend of yours?"

Declan grimaced.  "Just some girl."

"Does 'some girl' have a name?" Derek asked.

"Something dumb.  Like 'Erin' or something.  And she sure talks a lot."


Derek helped Declan finish his homework.

"So, how do you like your new room?" he asked the boy.

"It's good," Declan replied, swinging his feet.  "I like having a door."

"If you want, I could read you a bedtime story," Derek offered.

"Nah," the kid said.  "Bedtime stories are for babies.  That's what my mom always said."

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