Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#106: Lana's First Day as a Detective

Lana was beyond excited to start her first day at work.

She had gotten up at 5 a.m., told Declan he had to fend for himself for the rest of the day, ironed her new uniform, and had been walking the neighborhood of the new police station for the last hour.

"Hi, ma'am, I'm Lana Moriarty," she told the woman at the reception desk.  "And I'm here for my first day of work."

The woman didn't even look up.  "Go find a computer, and get a case assignment," she said.

Apparently left to her own devices, Lana headed toward the only door she saw.

She entered the first room she found,

and saw a cop working at a computer.

"Hi," she said hesitantly.  "Could I please use your computer for a minute, just to get my first case assignment?"

 "Sure thing, honeybuns," he said, turning around and smiling.

 'I sure hope every guy here isn't like Rafael,' Lana hoped silently.


Having gotten her first case assignment, Lana went to the Crime Map to get directions to the crime scene.


"Holy crap," Lana said out loud, as she approached the mansion that was her first crime scene.

She had been told to take pictures of things, and take samples of things, so that's what she did.

Lana then had to question a witness,

and return to the police station.

Lana had hours of work ahead of her, analyzing samples she'd taken at the crime scene,

and entering the results into evidence.

 She was then assigned the scary task of searching, fingerprinting, and taking mugshots of several prisoners.


Lana was absolutely exhausted when she finished her first day of work and went back to Rafael's to house-sit.  She was glad Declan wasn't there.

She took a quick swim in the pool,

then fell asleep on the sofa.


"Lana, wake up!" Zoe pleaded.  "Rafael just called me from the airport, and he's going to be home any minute, and he wants us all to go out for dinner."

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