Friday, December 26, 2014

#63: Derek and Kelly's Wedding, Part 2

"What's your point, Peter?" Lou demanded.

"All I'm doing, Lou," Peter said calmly, "is reminding you that we discussed that you were going to be pleasant to Alice today."

 "Well, I'm not saying that I'll be UNpleasant to her," Lou said.

Peter and Lou had arrived for the wedding from the house they shared across the street.

Lou headed to the backyard to talk to Derek,

 and Peter went inside to check on Alice.

"Alice, what ARE you doing???" he asked.

"Making Trout Meuniere," she answered, sounding stressed.  "Because the caterer has so far produced 2 platters of grilled cheese sandwiches, a platter of BLTs, and a party-size version of scrambled eggs."

"Okay, I guess that means Derek didn't spend QUITE enough money on a wedding planner," Peter observed wrily.

"Well, this isn't optimal, Alice," he continued, "but you KNOW you can do this with your eyes closed."

"Yeah, but a whole BUNCH of things are weird," Alice went on.  "Kelly was really nervous when I left the house this morning, and the piano player didn't show up and the wedding planner had to send a replacement.  Who was an hour late, so Derek's really mad."

"Everything will be fine, Alice," Peter reassured her.  "And when you have a minute, please put your hair up, as we discussed.  No one can even see those divine earrings we picked out."

Peter went out to the backyard to find Derek, to try to offer some words of encouragement,

 then spied the replacement piano player,

and suspected he knew the REAL reason Alice was upset.

Alice finished her Trout Meuniere, took the Rack of Lamb she had also made out of the oven, took the wedding cake out of the refrigerator, and dialed Regina.

"I think we're good to go," she said.  "You should bring Kelly over now, and I'll make sure everyone's out of the house.  And I'll give you a sign through the kitchen window when you should bring her outside."

People started taking their seats,

and Alice signaled Regina,

 then slid into her seat next to Dude.

"You look exquisite, Alice," he told her quietly.

 "Oh, wow, Dude--thanks!" Alice replied, and flushed a little bit.

 Derek nodded to Zoe to begin playing "Here Comes The Bride,"

 and when Kelly heard the first notes,

 she walked to the aisle,

and then to the wedding arch.

"I swear, Kelly, you must be the most beautiful woman God ever created," he swooned.

 Kelly smiled dreamily at him.



Notes from the author:

Thanks to:

margeh-75 for Kelly's wedding gown

Lulu265 for Kelly's elbow-length lace gloves

NataliS for Kelly's earrings

Shylaria for Kelly's wedding band

sims2fanbg for Alice's dress

NataliS for Alice's Metal Toe-Cap Shoes

KanoYa for Alice's earrings 

KanoYa for Lou's earrings

NataliS for Lou's and Zoe's shoes

BluElla for Zoe's Lace Pencil Dress

Shylaria for Derek's wedding band

Judie at AllAboutStyle for Peter's jacket

simmiller for the wedding runner carpet


  1. Everything was beautiful.....and perfect!!!

  2. Thanks, Asara--it took AGES to finish the post, because there's no "pose player" yet and my Sims kept wandering off to do things I didn't want them to do....

  3. Wonderful wedding! Alice was a godsend to them and only a few people know it.

  4. Thank you, Angela--so happy you're reading!

  5. wow what a lovely wedding! and the bride looked stunning! thanks for using my cc too :) have a lovely day! :)

  6. That was a very lovely wedding. I'm enjoying all the tension and suspense surrounding Derek and Zoe.
    Alice's dress is here (the link given goes to earrings): ~LP

  7. Thanks for the fix, Lilly!

  8. You're welcome. I don't know why my message was spaced out like that! lol ~ LP