Friday, December 19, 2014

#61: Derek's Dream

"Bill!" Regina said, concerned.  "Derek is supposed to be here by now.  And he's not.  And I can't imagine WHY not!  Can you please go get him?"

Bill left Peter and Lou's house and headed across the street.  "Dude, your lights are off.  Are you even there?" Bill asked, dialing Derek.  There was no answer.

He crossed the street and approached Derek's house,

and tried the front door, to no avail.

'WTF?' Bill asked himself.  He decided the only thing he could do was to go back to his house to get his own set of keys to Derek's house.

 Derek had fallen asleep, exhausted, and was dreaming.


"How long are you off work, Lana?" Derek asked.

"Two more days," she replied.

"Well, let's make the most of them, then," Derek said, looking deeply into her eyes.


"Dude, wake up!" Bill cried.  "You're getting married tomorrow, and you're missing your own freakin' rehearsal dinner!"


  1. Whaaat! Derek dreaming of another woman. It could just be a dream.

  2. It IS a dream. But he's dreaming about a real person (a former girlfriend), who just MIGHT cause trouble in paradise in the future....

  3. Drama! Sometimes dreams do come true in the worst way.