Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#54: The Big Move, Part 2

The Utopians headed over to Bill and Regina's house, although Dude had to leave immediately for work. 

Kelly said she had just enough time to make dinner before leaving for the restaurant.  "I'll make a party-size dish, in case Alice and Dude are hungry when they come home from work."


 "I guess we're going to have a full house here for a few days!" Bill laughed, hugging Regina.

"I like it!" she said as Bill sat down to watch sports.  "Just leaving the Utopia House all of a sudden, and living by ourselves, would have been too much of a change."

"I LOVE your kitchen!" Kelly said.  "You have SUCH a nice view!"

"Really?" Regina asked, amused, and looked out the window across the canal.  "Which one of those shipping containers caught your eye???"

"Well, I mean it's nice and open," Kelly explained.

"Kelly, don't you even have time to sit down to eat with us?" Regina asked.

"No, sorry," Kelly replied, "I've got to get to the restaurant."

"Well, 'Mother'," Bill teased.  "Looks like the 'kids' are all out.  And Alice doesn't come back till 10:00 p.m.  What would you like to do on our big night off???"

Regina laughed.  "You KNOW what I want to do on our big night off!  But let me get my strength up first by actually eating dinner."


Lou got back to her new house just after 7:00 p.m., and was very pleased.

"Wow, Peter--great job!" she exclaimed.

"Glad you like it," he responded, as she walked from room to room.

Lou was a "Materialistic" Sim, and enjoyed being surrounded by new, expensive items, and she thought the living room was quite elegant.

'Living with someone with taste sure has its upside,' she thought.

The two settled down to their usual routine of working side by side, and conversing about a myriad of subjects.

After Peter finished and sold his second masterpiece of the day, he made a garden salad for himself and Lou.  (As Lou had informed the well-meaning Kelly, learning to cook was not a priority for her.)

He looked out the kitchen window at the houses across the canal.

"Lou, dinner!" he called.

"So, how mad are you at me for not letting us move into the Glass Box house, with all that great light for your painting?" she asked ruefully.

"Not at all," Peter replied.  "One, it's temporary.  I can always get that place--or something like it--later on after you've built your mansion and moved on.  Two, it's more important to me right now to have my 'muse' than to have better light."

The two finished dinner, talking mostly about Lou's day at her job.

"Okay, going to bed now," Lou announced.  "I'll do the dishes, since you made dinner."

"Not a problem," Peter answered.  "I cleaned as I made the salad, so there's really nothing to do."

Lou at least put away the rest of the salad, and noticed that Peter had obviously gone grocery shopping.

"Look, thanks for everything you've done," Lou said sincerely.  "I know it doesn't seem like it a lot of the time, but I DO really appreciate it."

She hesitated for a moment, then awkwardly hugged Peter,

and went to bed.

'Wow,' Peter thought as he curled up on the sofa.  'A hug from Lou--THAT'S a first.'

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