Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#49: House ... work, Part 2

Friday--with the other 6 Utopians going to their jobs--Bill and Regina went to work on their new house again.

Bill installed molding and paneling in the master bedroom,

put in more windows in the kitchen (based on the layout Alice and Regina had discussed),

and a couple of ceiling lights.

 Regina treated the lawn to get rid of the weeds,

and built some raised garden beds so she could eventually grow her own vegetables.

Since the master bedroom floor that Regina had refinished the day before was now dry, the couple had their new bed delivered.

And then tried it out.


Peter returned to the Utopia House just after 5.  He had not been promoted.  (He had gotten a bit behind on his painting, partly because of all the "Lou drama".)

Lou herself got home just after 7.  She also had not been promoted--again.  "I wish I were advancing more quickly at work," she moaned.

"Awww, cheer up, Lou," Peter tried to encourage her.  "Look--you were promoted twice in 2 days, then NOT promoted twice in 2 days.  It's just not that bad."

"Hey," he continued, "how about we go look at a house some time this weekend?  The guys told me about a great place.  Very cool design, right on the water, and lots of great light.  And it's next door to Regina, and across the street from Kelly."

Lou realized that living next door to Regina also meant that Lou would be living next door to Alice (since Regina and Bill had offered Alice a room in their house).  But Lou figured that would be better than living WITH Alice.  "Sure, why not," she replied.

Derek got home just after 9, had been promoted, and had 3 days off--he didn't have to be back to work till Tuesday.

"Hee-hee!" exulted Bill.  "That means I OWN your a** for the next 3 days!!!"

"Uhhh, I'll give you a hand on your new house, sure, but I just MIGHT have a couple other things I have to do on my days off!" Derek retorted.

Derek was seriously fun-deprived from his long day at work, so turned on the stereo and started to dance.

 'Oh, jeez,' Bill said to himself.  'Stuffed shirts should NOT be allowed to dance!'

"YYYYYYYY-M-C-A!" Bill sang obnoxiously on his way to the bathroom.

"A**hat!" Derek called out after him, as Alice and Dude arrived home from work and joined Derek dancing.

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