Friday, December 12, 2014

#57: Dude and Zoe's Bad Date

Later Tuesday evening, Dude left for another date with Zoe Patel.  He had asked her to meet him at the Solar Flare in Oasis Springs.

"Oooh, Dude," Zoe cooed, "I'm sooooo happy to see you, for some reason other than rehearsal!"

Dude liked Zoe, an excellent pianist who shared his musical interests, and with whose band he was going on tour shortly as a backup guitarist.  After the chaos of moving, he had been looking forward to a relaxing evening with her.

He was, unfortunately, about to be disappointed.

Dude started telling Zoe about his new living arrangements.

"You did WHAT???" she asked him.

"I moved in with Bill and Regina," he repeated.  "They're some of my best friends, and I told you we all had to move out of the Utopia House suddenly yesterday.  They were kind enough to offer me one of their spare bedrooms."

 "Which MEANS," Zoe fumed, "that you're living with ALICE again!"

"Well, Alice is ALSO one of my best friends," Dude said calmly, "and that's not going to change, so I hope you can get used to that."

"Well," Zoe retorted, "I sure hope YOU can get used to NOT being in the band!  And I sure hope you can get used to NOT going on TOUR with us!!!"

Dude was taken aback by Zoe's fury.


Derek got home from work at 9:00, having been promoted, but bored by his job and in serious need of intellectual stimulation.

Fortunately, he had earned enough in salary and bonus that he could afford the microscope he wanted.

He quickly changed his clothes and ran over to the small community garden he and Bill had found on their first visit to the neighborhood, and collected plant samples.

He loaded a plant sample into the tray of the microscope (that he had set up in his backyard) and analyzed it.

He briefly displayed the resulting artwork on the living room wall,

 before selling it for $220 and making himself some scrambled eggs.

'I'll have that microscope paid off in no time,' he thought.

Alice didn't have to go to her job for several days, so she decided to stay up and take advantage of the new cupcake machine they had all bought Kelly, to make several batches of cupcakes to sell to the local bakery.

Dude came back early from his unsuccessful date with Zoe, and stood outside taking out his frustrations writing a song (which he tentatively titled, "Zoe Is Insane").

 He finished the song and sent it off for licensing.

Alice hesitated to say anything, but her curiosity was killing her.  "Soooo, how was your evening?"

"Terrible," Dude answered.  "Zoe actually fired me."

"You're kidding!" Alice exclaimed, shocked.  "Does that mean you're not going on tour???"

"No, I'm still going--I got a text from one of the other bandmembers, who said that Zoe has only a 25% vote, and that the other 3 guys voted to keep me.  At least for this tour, because they don't have time to replace me."

"But," he said wearily, walking away, "the tour's going to be MUCH less fun than I had anticipated....."

Alice returned to her baking, but couldn't keep a smile off her face.

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