Thursday, December 18, 2014

#60: The Rehearsal Dinner

Derek had been running himself ragged trying to earn money to furnish the new house for Kelly.

He was off from work on Thursday, so spent the whole day harvesting, collecting slide samples, making and selling prints, and fishing.

He had managed to buy four nice wall sconces and a bookshelf,

and a very expensive dresser he knew Kelly would like.


Lou was frantic about hosting Derek and Kelly's rehearsal dinner.

"Peter!  What if this doesn't go well???" she worried.

"Please calm down, Lou," he assured her.  "Alice will be here any minute to start cooking dinner."

"Oh, gee, THAT'S comforting!" Lou responded drily.

"Lou, PLEASE stop beating down Alice.  I BEG you," Peter said.  "She's a first-rate cook, so you should at least give her credit for that.  And she's really helping us out here."

"Hey, speak of the devil!" Peter whirled around as Alice came through their front door,

and immediately got to work preparing Lobster Thermidor for the party.

"She looks nice," Lou remarked, trying to think of something nice to say, given Peter's reprimand.  "Did YOU buy her that dress?" she asked, somewhat suspicious.

"No," Peter answered.  "ALICE bought the dress; I just helped her pick it out."

Once her dish was in the oven, Alice started making drinks,

just as the others began arriving.

"Are we too early?" Regina asked.

"Not at all!" exclaimed Peter. 


"Very tasty, Alice!" Regina complimented her friend on the Salty Llama that Alice had made for her.

"Yes," Bill agreed, grabbing the next drink Alice made.  "And you look maaaahvelous!" he teased.

"You sure do!" Dude, who had just arrived, agreed enthusiastically.

"Hey, why is this called a 'rehearsal dinner' if there isn't actually any rehearsal?" Bill asked Regina.

"Just tradition, I guess," answered Regina.  "And since Derek and Kelly are getting married in their backyard, with only 6 guests, there really isn't anything to rehearse."

Kelly arrived just then.

"Here comes the bride!" Peter called gaily.  "Wow--are YOU a knockout!" he admired.

Kelly blushed.

The guests went upstairs to check out the latest renovations.

"What a lovely bedroom suite," Kelly exclaimed.  "This stenciled wallpaper is exquisite!"

"Man, Peter must be bringing in the really big bucks now, to pay for all this," Bill remarked to Dude...

"You look so pretty in that dress, Regina," Kelly complimented her friend (the girls were checking out Lou's bathroom).  "You should wear dresses more often!"

"Well, they're not very practical for gardening!," Regina laughed.  "But I like this one; it's kind of like a long tanktop."

Bill and Dude had gone to check out Peter's new bedroom.

"Wow--just wow," Dude remarked.

"Yeah," Bill said, "even if he and Lou never get together, she'll probably hire him as her decorator once she eventually buys her mansion."

Downstairs, Alice had taken her Lobster Thermidor out of the oven.  "Where's Derek???" she asked Regina.


Thanks to:

Callie_V for Lou's bodysuit

zembee for Regina's dress

davinia for Alice's dress

paogae for Kelly's dress 

rirann for the dining room wallpaper


  1. Alice looks really nice. Lou needs to get over it.

  2. Lou's kind of an a**hole, and that's probably not going to change any time soon. She was actually less threatened by Alice when Alice was a complete washout, because Lou was easily able to feel superior. But now that Alice is getting her act together, Lou's more annoyed.