Saturday, December 13, 2014

#58: House ... work, Part 4

Before leaving for their jobs Wednesday morning, Peter and Lou had amassed $12,064 (mostly from Peter's paintings, although Lou had started to bring in money from competing in videogame tournaments), and discussed how best to spend the money.

"I vote for putting on a second story," Peter opined.  "Even if we don't have enough money yet to finish it, we can at least establish the space and think about what we want to do with it."

"Fine with me," Lou agreed.  "I'll leave the renovations up to you.  You're the one with design sense, and you've certainly done a great job so far."


After a decent night's sleep, Derek spent 4 hours Wednesday morning weightlifting at the gym.

Once back at home, he made 2 more artworks from plant samples, sold them for $440,

and bought a sofa, desk, and desk chair that Kelly had said she liked, before he showered and left again for his job.


Alice continued her virtually round-the-clock cupcake baking (and had to refill the machine after about a dozen batches),

and Bill and Dude put on a deck on the street side of the farmhouse (so that the door they'd put in the day before wouldn't lead to someone falling and getting a concussion).


Peter came home happy to have been promoted, and happy to see his new second story.

'We sure need some more second-story windows, though!' he thought.

He resumed painting till Lou came home.

Lou had been promoted, too, and was amazed to see the renovations.

 "We have a staircase!" she cried, and ran upstairs.

Though the second story was unfinished--and more than a bit unsafe, since there was no railing surrounding the stairs--Lou was thrilled to see her new bedroom suite.

"Do you like it?" asked Peter, who had followed her upstairs.

"OMG, Peter, this is AMAZING!!!" shrieked Lou.

She ran past him, back downstairs, to look at the dining room.

"I've got an idea--let's have Kelly and Derek's rehearsal dinner here!"

"Because I want to show off this place."


Thanks to Judie at All About Style for Lou's top:


Thanks to simmiller for the wallpaper in Lou's suite:

Ornate Metals and Jewels Paneling


  1. Wow...Beautiful job on decorating and floor plan!!!!!

  2. Peter is surely working to win over his muse and it might just work. Also can't wait to see how things work out for Alice.

  3. Lou gets the whole upstairs? Peter is too nice to her. I hope she appreciates him! The wallpaper is lovely. ~ LP

    1. Lou NEVER appreciates Peter, sadly.