Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#48: Alice and Dude Discuss Zoe

Derek did not get promoted on Thursday,

and neither did Lou (though that was no surprise, because she'd been in such a bad mood after the events of the previous evening).

Regina sent another book off to her publisher.

Kelly and Alice got home just after 1:00 a.m. early Friday and,

as Kelly had predicted, Alice had been promoted, and Kelly had not been (even though Kelly HAD managed to get to Level 2 Mixology and to make her required 4 meals that morning).

Later on Friday morning, after Peter and Lou had gone to work, Dude was trying his hand at making breakfast.  "Oh, geez, Dude--let me make you something!" Alice protested.  "I'm just cleaning up last night's dishes now, but I could get breakfast on pretty quick."

"Hey, I've got to learn some time!" Dude responded.

Meanwhile, Kelly had just gotten up, and was padding sleepily toward the kitchen, when she encountered Derek, also getting up, who was heading toward the bathroom in a hurry.

"Oh!" Kelly cried, clearly embarrassed at finding Derek in a state of relative undress.

(Or maybe she was embarrassed that she wasn't wearing any makeup.  Or that she was wearing bunny slippers.....)

"Oops, sorry!" Derek apologized, also uncomfortable, and he hurried past her to the bathroom.

"Those two are so weird," Dude remarked to Alice.

 "Awww, I think it's sweet," said Alice.  "Everyone should have someone they feel that way about."

"Why do you think it's taking him so long to propose to her?" Dude asked (stirring whatever mystery dish he was making).

"Oh, I don't know Derek that well," Alice admitted, scraping food into the trashcan, "but I DO know Kelly.  And she's the kind of girl that men want to do everything for.  I think he just wants to make everything perfect."

"But aren't YOU that kind of girl, too, Alice?" Dude asked.

"ME?--oh, HECK no," Alice laughed grimly.

"All I can get men to do for ME is to get me in trouble!"

From his vantage point at the breakfast bar, Dude could see how that was possible.


"So," Alice asked as she started preparing breakfast for anyone who might want it, "how are things going with you and Zoe?"

"Okay, I guess."  Dude was a bit surprised that Alice had asked.

"It's not like it's serious," he added.

"I think she's really pretty," Alice offered.

Dude thought about this for a moment.  "Well, Zoe thinks you're really pretty, too," he said.  "In fact, I think she's a little jealous of our friendship."

"Well, THAT'S stupid!" Alice exclaimed, then caught herself.  "Oh--sorry--I didn't mean 'stupid'; I meant 'silly'.  I meant, umm...."

Dude was silent.

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  1. Poor Alice, she doesn't think very highly of herself, does she!?