Friday, December 5, 2014

#51: The Big Announcement

Saturday afternoon, Kelly left for her job directly from the house Derek had taken her to see.

Derek--who didn't have to work until Tuesday--decided to spend the rest of the day at the Movers & Shakers Gym, to increase his Fitness.


Dude and Kelly got back from work just after 11:00 p.m.  Both had been promoted (and Dude had a bit of a hygiene problem).

Derek timed his arrival home from the gym to coincide with the end of Kelly's shift.

"Do you want to tell our friends now?" Derek whispered.

"But Alice isn't home yet," Kelly fretted.

"But, honey, everyone ELSE is here, and Alice won't be home for 3 hours.  I'll stay up with you if you want us to tell her together."

Kelly agreed.

"Okay, everyone--Kelly has something to tell you!" Derek announced.

"Ummm, Derek and I are getting married," Kelly said, shyly.

Everyone tried to pretend as if they hadn't seen this coming since their first day in the Utopia House.

"Congratulations, Kelly!" Lou said sincerely.

"Sooooo happy for you, sweetheart!" exclaimed Regina.

"I'm just sure it's going to happen for you and Bill really soon," Kelly said encouragingly.

"Umm, thanks," responded Regina.

Regina wondered how long she would have to hide her engagement so as not to "steal Kelly's thunder"--especially since she and Bill had been engaged for 5 days already.

"Good job, dude!" Bill kidded.  "You successfully hoodwinked a nice girl into thinking you're worth her time!"

"Good grief, you're an a**hole," Derek retorted.

"Couldn't be happier for the two of you," Dude said to Derek as he hugged him.  (Dude was a hugger.)

"That's great, man.  Really," said Peter.

Everyone was still up celebrating when Alice came home from work just after 2 a.m. Sunday.  "Hey, guys--I made Line Cook!  And I'm beat, so I'm going to bed for like 12 hours...."

"Derek and I are getting married!" Kelly told Alice.  "But you go right to bed, honey, and we'll talk about it tomorrow."


Sunday morning, Derek sat down next to Bill, who was eating breakfast at the bar.

"Hey, a**hole, I want to talk about something serious," Derek said quietly.

"You're wearing a tie on your day off?" Bill observed.  "That should be against the law."

"And who dresses YOU?" Derek asked drolly.  "Oh, wait--it's obviously A BLIND PERSON, and I really shouldn't make fun of the handicapped."

Dude gave up practicing.  'I CANNOT listen to these guys do this all the freakin' time....' he said to himself.

"Now that Kelly's agreed to marry me, I want to move out of here and fix up my new house before the wedding--"

"Great!" Bill responded.  "Then you'll be right next door to MY new house, and you'll be able to do all that work you owe me!"

 "--AND," Derek ignored this comment, "I was thinking of asking Lou for my share of the household funds today.  What do you think my chances are?"


  1. Talking about money always causes Problems!!!!

  2. Especially since Lou's got that "control freak" thing going about the household funds....