Friday, January 30, 2015

#82: The Camping Honeymoon, Part 3

"Okay," Bill said, as they stood in front of the entrance to the secret lot.  "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

"Wow!" Bill exclaimed, once he and Regina had fought their way through the brambles and emerged on the other side of the cave.  "This is definitely not scary AT ALL!!!"

They found a garden encircled by rocks a short distance away.

"Too bad nothing's ready to harvest yet," Regina observed.


"Okay, this looks like it's my stop!" Bill announced, as they came upon a glorious waterfall.

"I'm going to look around a bit," Regina told him.

But Regina found only Jewel Beetles,

so went back to fish with Bill, and caught enough fish to satisfy the first stage of her new "Outdoor Enthusiast" aspiration.

After an hour, she went out to look for more bugs.

 She got lucky and found the Walking Stick insects,

 then kept going east with her head down, scanning the ground for more bugs.

She was therefore surprised when she suddenly came upon a small house.

 No one seemed to be home, so she circled the house, admiring the gardens.

Once darkness fell, she got lucky and found the elusive Will O' The Wisp.


Back at their campsite, Bill asked her, "So, this was a pretty good day for you, right?"

"It was PERFECT," Regina answered.  "Just like every day of this vacation."

"We don't have to go back home tomorrow, you know," he suggested.  "We COULD extend our honeymoon."

"I know," she sighed as she sat down to eat.  "And I LOVE it here.  But I want to go home--we can always come back.  Maybe with all our friends, as you suggested the other day."

"And, honestly," she continued, "I'd like to get back to Alice, to support her before she gives birth.  Because a pregnant woman needs her friends around."  She regarded Bill carefully.

"Whatever you want, babe," he said, enthusiastically digging into his plate of roasted fish.  "Anything's fine with me."

"Besides," she said slyly, "I just MIGHT be pregnant.  And, even if I'm not, I'm frankly tired of throwing up in the bushes here...."


Custom content credits: Bill's vest and henley in post #78