Thursday, January 29, 2015

#81: Rafael and Zoe, That Evening

"Rafael, what is this delicious drink?" Nina asked.

"It is called 'Love Potion #4'," he answered, very pleased with himself.

"Well, it's working!" she said.


After his enjoyable afternoon interlude with Nina Caliente, Rafael headed to the gym for a workout.

(He had changed into his athletic attire at home, as opposed to changing in the very public locker room, because Rafael was an internationally known Latin soap opera star, and he didn't want any "unfortunate" photos going viral over the internet.)

He was disappointed that there were no women in the gym,

so took a machine next to a guy on a treadmill.

"You are Peter, correct?" Rafael asked after a few minutes.  (Though he hadn't actually "met" Peter, the latter had been at Bill and Regina's house when Rafael first showed up there to talk to Alice.)

Peter looked over his shoulder briefly.  "That's right," he said.

"And you are a painter, correct?"  Rafael asked.  (Rafael had had the same private investigator he'd used to find Alice investigate all of her friends.)

"Also right," Peter answered.

"Well, I have recently bought a very large home in this town, and I need a great deal of art.  May I see some of your work?"

"Okaaaay," Peter responded, though he wondered if that might cause problems with any of his friends.


Zoe returned to Rafael's in the early evening, after the luxurious day at the spa that he had arranged for her.

"Corazon!" he exclaimed.  "You look marvelous!  Clearly this day at the spa has been good for you."

"And you should ALWAYS wear your hair off your face!" Rafael insisted.  "Your bone structure is so exquisite that it should never be hidden!"

"Oh, Rafael!" she cried.  "You say the sweetest things!"


The two moved to Rafael's bar.  "This is scrumptious!" Zoe said.

"It's called 'Cupid Juice'!" Rafael informed her. 

"Corazon," he said as he looked deeply into her eyes, "I would like you to stay here tonight.  In your own room, which I will give you.  And then, tomorrow, I would like to send you shopping, to buy any clothes and jewelry you wish."

Rafael led Zoe upstairs to the second floor.

 "And you have your own bathroom.  Please get a good night's sleep, and I will see you in the morning."


Custom content credits--thanks to:

Babele for Peter's T-shirt

kmercer1 for Peter's shorts

NataliS for Zoe's nails

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