Thursday, January 22, 2015

#79: Zoe Visits Rafael's New House

Rafael arose late morning, and made himself some coffee.  'There should be a woman here, making this coffee for me,' he said to himself.

He picked up his phone.  "Zoe, my dear," he said silkily, "I would like to invite you to my home for lunch.  Will you please do me the honor of accepting?  I will send a car for you."


Rafael was very happy to see Zoe sitting at his bar at 11 in the morning.  'She is like a very hot ray of sunshine,' he thought, as he mixed her a Simsmapolitan cocktail (one of his specialties).

And Zoe was very happy to see the extremely lavish house that Rafael had just bought in the best neighborhood in Willow Creek.


 "Your house is MAGNIFICENT!" Zoe gushed as she sipped her drink.  "And your VIEW!!!"

Rafael slid onto the barstool next to her.  "Oh, it is acceptable enough," he said dismissively, admiring the clarity and hue of the drink he had just made for himself.  "There are MANY things that need to be changed."

 "It needs a woman's touch," he flirted.

After plying her with a couple of drinks, Rafael gave Zoe a tour of the downstairs.  He led her outside to a garden.

"This, for example," he said.  "This must go."

 "Who gardens?--Peasants, that's who."

He led her back inside.  "And THIS room is ridiculous.  What a waste--a bed?  Gardening tools???"

 "And this OTHER ridiculous garden should obviously be a pool," he announced.

Rafael had lobster delivered for lunch.

"Just THINK of how spectacular this place could be!"  He was encouraging Zoe to share his vision, and to imagine herself as part of that vision.

Zoe was only too happy to do so, especially because she was feeling quite tipsy by then and was amenable to agreeing to pretty much anything.

"Rafael," she asked, "are you SURE this is just lemonade that you've given me?"

"Of COURSE, my dear," he assured her.  "There may be a LITTLE something extra in it, just for added flavor."

"A pool here would be really nice," Zoe said dreamily.  "I was out shopping yesterday and saw this GORGEOUS sequin swimsuit."

"My dear," Rafael leered at her, "the reason to have one's own swimming pool is that NO swimsuits are ever necessary!  And YOU are so exquisite that clothes should never mask your beauty.  At least not in THIS house."

The two finished lunch and went back inside.  "Wow," Zoe marveled, "you have a 2-story living room!"  But the ceiling seemed to be spinning,

and she lowered her gaze abruptly.

 "My dear, let us get more comfortable," Rafael said as he stretched an arm around her.

"Perhaps I should make us more cocktails," Rafael offered.

"Be careful," Zoe said slyly, hiking her dress up even more.  "You have no idea what I'm capable of when I'm drunk."

 Rafael excused himself, and went back into his bar.

'This is going EXTREMELY well!' he congratulated himself.

His cellphone rang.  "Mio amor!" he said, delighted.

He listened to his caller for a minute.  "Perhaps later--I am currently occupied with something else.  But I will call you, if not tonight, then tomorrow morning."

Rafael re-entered the living room with the drinks to discover that Zoe had put on the stereo--and taken off her dress.

'Dios mio!' he said audibly.


Custom content credits--thanks to:

JinxTrinity for Zoe's lingerie