Friday, January 23, 2015

#80: Rafael and Zoe--The Morning After

Zoe slept till almost noon.

She awoke drowsy,

 and had no idea where she was.

She slowly raised herself up on her elbows,

with her head pounding.

Looking out the window at the too-bright landscape (too bright at least for Zoe, in her current condition), she remembered that she was at Rafael's.

She stumbled to the nearest bathroom,

and found a robe hanging in there.

She padded into the kitchen, found that coffee was already made and hot, and poured herself a mug.

She sat down at the kitchen island.

Rafael was on the third floor, on the computer,

but heard Zoe scrape the barstool across the floor, and headed downstairs.

 'I wonder how much I screwed this up,' Zoe asked herself.

"Zoe!" he cried.  "So happy you are up!  Can I make you some scrambled eggs?"

"I'm not hungry, but thanks," she said.

Rafael poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down next to her.  "I have a whole day planned for you!" he announced brightly.

"Rafael," she interrupted him, "we didn't have sex last night, right?  Because I don't feel like I had sex last night."

"Of course not!" Rafael exclaimed.  "You were--shall we say--'under the weather.'  And I blame myself--I was so enjoying that you were here, and perhaps I was showing off my mixology skills.  And I am very sorry that you feel so poorly now."

"So, just to be clear," Zoe insisted, "we didn't have sex."

"Zoe, my dear," Rafael chided her, "I greatly enjoy giving pleasure to a beautiful woman.  But it is gratifying for me only if the beautiful woman in question is awake."

Zoe didn't think she could possibly feel any worse than she already did, but Rafael's comment pushed her over the edge of embarrassment.

She got up from her barstool.  Rafael followed her.

"Corazon," he said, taking her hands,"there is a wonderful day spa in Oasis Springs.  I wish to send you there for the rest of the day.  Then you will come back here, and we can start our date over."

"Because I know our last two nights have not gone well--on our first date, we ran into your ex and my ex together at the Solar Flare Lounge.  Then, on our second date, well, enough has been said about that...."

"Rafael, where is my dress?  I couldn't find it," Zoe inquired.

"Oh, there seemed to have been some sort of 'accident' with your lovely yellow dress," he explained.  "So, I sent it out to the dry cleaners.  But I noted your size before I sent it off, and then I called the best clothing store in town and had them deliver 3 dresses in your size."

"You may have your choice of them to wear to the spa."

Zoe took a shower,

 and changed into her favorite of the 3 dresses Rafael had brought in for her.

"You look lovely, corazon," he told her.  "Please enjoy your day at the spa, and I will see you this evening."

"Thank you, Rafael," Zoe said, and kissed his cheek.

She left for the spa in the car he had ordered for her.

Rafael poured himself another cup of coffee, and thought about how cute Zoe was.

There was a knock at the door.

"Nina, corazon!" Rafael cried.

"Ohhhhhh, Rafael!" she cooed.