Thursday, January 8, 2015

#69: Post-Honeymoon, and "That Guy," Part 2

That morning, Bill worked on the downstairs bathroom in a fury.  It did end up looking nice, though.

Regina spent the rest of her morning anxiously peering out the window to check if Derek and Kelly had returned from their honeymoon.

"Oh--they're back!" she cried.  "I'm going over right now!"

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Bill asked her.

"Because I'm trying to stall them," Regina explained.  "I don't want them coming over here before Alice and Peter leave, in which case we'd probably end up having to tell them (1) about Alice's pregnancy, (2) that 'That Guy' showed up on our doorstep this morning, and (3) that Alice is going to lunch with him to 'talk'."


"Hi!!!!!" Regina said gaily.  "Sorry to intrude, but I saw you two come home, and I just couldn't wait another minute to see you!!!  Where's Derek?--I thought I just saw him!"

"Oh, honey!" Kelly cried, "I was just about to come over to your house!  And Derek's already gone out jogging."

Kelly made them both tea.  "Soooo," Regina asked coyly, "how's married life???"

"Oh, it's WONDERFUL!" Kelly said, closing her eyes.  "It's everything I always dreamed it would be!"

"I'm SO happy to hear that, sweetheart," Regina said.

"So," Kelly asked, "any developments with you and Bill?"

"Yes," Regina admitted--revealing the weeks-old secret she'd kept from Kelly--"we're going to get married as soon as Dude gets back from his tour."

"Ooooh!" Kelly squealed.  "But why aren't you wearing an engagement ring?"

"Oh, I told Bill I didn't want one," Regina explained.  "I'd have to take it off all the time for gardening, anyway."


"Hey, my man," Rafael told the bartender at the Solar Flare Lounge, "I've got a very hot lady coming here to meet me, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd keep her 'well-liquified,' if you know what I mean ...."

"Certainly, sir," the bartender replied, though the request made him uncomfortable.

 "I'm here, Rafael," Alice announced, upon entering the restaurant.

She took the seat next to him.

"Alice, you look spectacular!" Rafael complimented her.

"A Jack and Coke for the little lady, please," Rafael directed the bartender, without asking Alice what she wanted.

"If you'll excuse me, my darling," Rafael said to Alice, "I need to go to the gentlemen's room.  Because you live in a ridiculous house with an unusable toilet sitting in the middle of the living room."

As soon as Rafael left for the men's room, Alice addressed the bartender.

"Rodney, please do not under ANY circumstances serve me ANY alcohol today.  AT ALL!  Go ahead and make a good show of it, and I'll try to distract this stupid guy I'm with as much as I can."

She continued.  "I know you've already made me the Jack and Coke that my 'date' ordered, but please just dump it, give me a plain Coke--a Diet Coke, please--and I'll pay you for the drink you had to dump."

"No charge, sweetie," Rodney said.  "Let's just call it 'professional courtesy.'  And that guy you're with is a total dick."

"You're 'preaching to the choir,' dude," Alice responded.  "But it's going to take me about a half hour to get rid of his a**, and then he will never again be my problem."

Meanwhile, Peter kept his post outside the restaurant.  He texted Bill.  "You can't freakin' imagine how freakin' ridiculous this is."

Rafael returned from the men's room.

"Alice, please let me explain what has happened in my life," he began.

"Pilar and I are getting a divorce," he stated flatly.

"So why do you look so happy?" Alice queried.  "I thought getting divorced--and losing half your stuff to Pilar--was your biggest fear in life."

"It used to be, Alice," Rafael agreed, "but I have now accepted it.  I am nothing if not a generous man, and I will gladly give Pilar half of my assets--if it means that I will be free to be with YOU."

He continued.  "I am CRAZY about you, Alice.  Yours is the first face I see in my mind when I wake up, and the last face I see in my mind before I sleep."

Alice rolled her eyes, and thought carefully about what she wanted to say next.

"Rafael, I am pregnant," Alice announced.  "And the baby isn't yours.  Still feel the same???"


Custom content--thanks to:

xegtx for the downstairs bathroom wallpaper

kiara24 for Regina's dress

zembee for Kelly's dress

paogae for Alice's dress

NataliS for Alice's bracelet

NataliS for Alice's shoes


  1. Love it! I am glad that Alice is standing up for herself.

  2. Yup, Angela--she's not the pushover she used to be!

  3. I'm so behind in the story....Alice is not the same person. She has respect for herself !!! Go Girl!!!