Monday, January 19, 2015

#76: The Camping Honeymoon, Part 1

Regina and Bill got to Granite Forest before noon, and had their campsite set up in a jiffy.

"You look so cute," Bill laughed.   "You're like my little 'Indiana JOAN'."

"So, what do you want to do first?" Regina chirped.

"I should go fishing, so we'll have something to eat for dinner," Bill said.

"I'll go with you, and look for insects and plants," Regina said.  At the very least, I've got to find fireflies and elderberries so I can make us some insect repellent."

They set out for a fishing spot.  "This is sooooo beautiful," Regina murmured as they walked the trails.

"Oooh, strawberries!"  Regina ran over to pick some.

"Wow, is that a cabin?" Bill asked as they approached a large structure.

"Yup," Regina answered.  "There are a couple of really extravagant cabins to rent here--for people who don't really like camping."

Bill laughed.  "I bet you could even get LOU to come camping if she could stay there!"

Bill thought of something.  "You know what we should do?" he suggested, as Regina stopped to get another wild plant.  "Let's get all our friends to take their vacations at the same time, and let's all come here.  We'll rent one of the cabins, but whoever wants to sleep outside in a tent can do that, too."

"Great idea, Bill," she said, "though I'm not sure Alice will want to come with a newborn."

"Well, this is my stop," Bill said as they arrived at the first fishing spot.  "You gonna stay and fish with me?"

"I think I'll walk around a bit more and look for bugs and plants," she said.  "But I'll be back."

Regina walked around for a few hours, harvesting wild plants and trying to identify them.  She found a supply kiosk,

and the bathroom, which was full of flies.

'Ugh, Lou's never going to use THAT!' she said to herself.

Bill had had a productive afternoon--he'd caught half a dozen fish.

Regina came back to the fishing spot just as he was tossing some water weeds back into the lake.

"Hope that's not ALL you caught!" she teased.

They walked back to their campsite.

Regina caught a Rainbow Firefly on the way.

Bill lit their campfire and sat back to relax.

"I'm sure glad we're no closer to that bathroom than this," Regina observed.

For dinner, the two roasted some of the fish Bill had caught.

"Now THIS is living," Regina sighed.

"You can say that again," Bill said.  "And food just tastes so much better out here."

"Want some juice, babe?" she asked him.

"Actually, I have to go check out that disgusting bathroom you described so vividly," he replied.

 Regina cleaned up after dinner.

"Ready for bed?" Bill asked when he returned.

"Sure thing," she responded.  "You must be beat."

 "Oh, I don't know," Bill said slyly.  "I might have a LITTLE energy left."

"I thought we might start working on that 'playmate' for Alice's kid...."


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    1. Yes!--too bad the tent has a woohoo glitch. But, according to my story, it happened, and she's preggers.