Saturday, January 10, 2015

#70: What To Do About Alice?, Part 5

Back from her lunch with Rafael, Alice saw Bill fishing at the canal, and went over to talk to him.

"You're SLIGHTLY overdressed for fishing, Alice," Bill said, amused.

"Just wanted to check in after my lunch with Rafael," Alice said.

"Is Regina here?" she asked.

"No," Bill responded, "she's still at Kelly's.  She's been there for a couple hours.  Since before you left for lunch."

"Do you know if she's telling Kelly I'm pregnant?" Alice asked.

"I don't think so," Bill replied.

He continued.  "I think she's stalling, and waiting for YOU to tell Kelly."

Alice sighed.  "Sooooo, no time like the present."


Alice crossed the street to Derek and Kelly's house.

"Hello!" she called, trying to sound upbeat.

"Alice, you look gorgeous!" Kelly cried.  "But why are you so dressed up in the middle of the day?"

Alice sat down next to Kelly.

"Because 'That Guy' showed up on Regina's doorstep today, and bugged me till I agreed to have lunch with him," Alice explained.

(Regina dreaded the coming conversation.)

"Oh, no--not Rafael!" Kelly said incredulously.  "What did HE want???"

"He and his wife are getting a divorce, and he said he wanted us to get back together," Alice said.

"Oh, my WORD!" Kelly cried.  "You're not actually considering that, ARE YOU???"

"I mean," Kelly added hastily, "unless that's what you DO want."

"Well, we didn't get to the point where I could accept or not," Alice said.  "Because once I told him something, he excused himself and fled the restaurant."

"What on earth did you say to him?" Kelly asked.

"Kelly," Alice said slowly, "I know this is going to upset you, and I'm sorry, because you've done a lot to keep me on the 'straight and narrow' over the past few years, and I hate disappointing you.  But after your wedding, Dude and I ... umm ... made love.  And it turns out I'm pregnant."

Kelly was speechless.

At least for a short while.

"Have you told Dude?" she asked.

"Not yet," Alice responded.  "He's on tour with Zoe's band for another week."

Kelly took a deep breath.  "Alice, I just want to assure you that I will help you with the baby.  If you need me to, I'll take in the baby, and raise him or her for as long as you want."

Alice paused.  "Don't you have to ask Derek first?" she asked.

"No," Kelly answered firmly.  "I do NOT have to ask Derek."


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  1. Okay, I didn't expect Kelly to do that. She didn't even ask if that was what Alice wanted. In a way she seems to like to save Alice.

  2. Angela, Kelly's was a very impulsive, knee-jerk reaction. You'll find out why next post, and see what the consequences are with her new husband....

  3. Because I'm behind....I will make a guess that Kelly and Derek can't have children.