Thursday, March 5, 2015

#97: Kelly's Evening at Work with Devin Austin

Though she had already worked several hours doing prep for the restaurant's dinner service, Kelly took over Alice's bartending shift at the Blue Velvet Lounge, so that Alice could stay home with her new baby.

"Good evening, sir--what can I get for you?" she asked the bizarre-looking character who had just sat down at the bar.

"You can get me YOU--you lovely tall drink of blonde water!" the customer said enthusiastically.

"I'm not on the menu, sir," Kelly laughed good-naturedly.

"My name is Devin Austin, and I'm lookin' for a lady!"

"Well, it's still early, but this is a popular bar, and lots of women tend to come here, so it just might work out for you," Kelly said, amused.  But I'll advise you that we have a code of behavior here, and we do not allow any disrespectful actions toward our female customers," she added.

"Oh, I assure you, lovely lady, I respect ALL women!" he said. "Tall, short, fat, skinny, ugly, pretty--there is no such thing as a bad woman!"

"Good ... to know," she said. Kelly--though she was an evangelical Christian and very straight-laced--had been toughened by her bartending experience. She was a bit savvier, and more capable of dealing with stressful situations, than she had been in Sims FreePlay Town.

"Here, maybe you'll like this--on the house," she said, placing a drink before him (into which she had not put very much alcohol at all, because she'd already decided this guy might turn out to be a problem).

"Soooooo," Kelly went on, "you're looking for a woman," as she got back to work fulfilling the drink orders from the waitress.

"Not just ANY woman," Devin protested, as women started to drift into the bar--"a SPECIFIC woman!"

A woman sat down to his right and snatched up his ignored drink.

"I'm looking for Alice Jones!" Devin stated. "I was told she worked here."

Kelly made a quick mental calculation of the costs and benefits of letting this guy know that Alice had just given birth, and decided against it. Fortunately, Devin had already lost interest in that conversation.

"Hi, lovely lady!" he said to the woman on his left.

Just then Derek, on his way home from work, but wanting to check in on his wife, arrived in the bar.

"And how are YOOOOOOO, lovely lady?" the guy said loudly to the woman on his right.

Immediately upon sitting down, Derek already disliked the guy. "I could take him out back and rough him up if he gets out of hand," he offered Kelly, only half kidding.

"I don't think that's going to be necessary," she answered, laughing.

"I could get one of Bill's firearms," he kidded. "Or--better yet--I could get Bill!"


This post is just for the purpose of introducing Devin Austin, a Sims Freeplay character made by my friend, Hayley-Belle Crane.  As SFP is a social game, many of us had a lot of fun visiting Hayley's town and watching Devin behave badly with our female Sims.

Hayley just started playing S4 this past weekend, and is already addicted.  And I have great hopes of making Devin into a criminal, who can hopefully be arrested multiple times by the detective I will have once the Get To Work EP comes out.  And roughed up, and interrogated severely, etc.  And handcuffed.

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