Friday, March 20, 2015

#101: Lana's New Assignment; Man-Talk.

Lana--who was house-sitting for Rafael and Zoe while they were both out of town--was cooking dinner late afternoon, and was being driven crazy both by the endless racket from the contractors who were converting Rafael's first-floor bedroom into a luxurious spa-type bathroom just off the pool,

and by the loud music emanating from Rafael's living room.

"Declan!" she yelled angrily.  "Turn down the fucking stereo!!!"

There was no change in the volume of the music.


Just as Lana sat down to eat--alone--her phone rang.

She went out to the patio so that she could hear her caller.

"Oh, hello, Chief!" she said, both excited and nervous to hear from the new Chief of Police who had interviewed her a few days before.

"Ms. Moriarty," the Chief said, "I am happy to inform you that you have been hired for the new police force of Willow Creek/Oasis Springs."

"Aaaaah!" Lana exclaimed, trying to remain calm.  "That's great!  I'm really looking forward to starting work!"

"Well," the Chief said, "you came VERY highly recommended.  Nice to know you have friends in high places."

Lana was somewhat confused by this information.

"And I have a special request to make of you," the Chief went on.  "As you know, the new police force doesn't officially start for another 10 days.  But we have a sudden need for a parole officer for a local ne'er-do-well, and I wonder if--since you're already living in the area--you might be willing to serve in that capacity till your regular job begins."

"Sure!" Lana said, thrilled.

"Great!" the Chief said.  "I'll call you back tomorrow morning--I'm still trying to track down the perp's home address."


Bill and Peter had finished fishing--and talking about women--and stopped to see Regina, who was working on her garden.

"Is Alice still around?" Peter asked.

"She's taking a nap," Regina answered, as she weeded her plants.  "She's decided to go to her bartending job tonight--I think she's going stir-crazy here."

The guys went indoors, and found Dude feeding Daedelus from a bottle.

"You look happy," Peter observed.

"Oh, I'm over the moon about this little guy," Dude assured him.

"Having a baby changes you," Dude said.

"Isn't it just about time for you to go to work, Dude?" Bill asked him.

"It WOULD be," Dude responded, "but Alice has decided to go to her bartending job tonight--just to get out of the house for a few hours."

"And I have quite a few vacation days saved up, so I'm just going to spend the whole evening with Daedelus--feeding him, rocking him, changing his diapers, reading him a story...."  Dude's voice trailed off.

The guys sat down to watch sports, arguing good naturedly about how various teams had screwed up,

 while Daedelus, unbothered by the conversation, focused on the mouse toy hanging in his bassinet.

Alice came down the stairs on her way out to work.

Dude jumped up from the sofa.

"Good luck tonight, Alice," he said.  "I'm sure the restaurant was desperate to get you back--because you're so great with customers."

She kissed him, and left.

"Wow--you got a kiss!" Bill commented, impressed, after Alice had left.

"We're even sharing a bed at this point," Dude announced proudly.  "Since the day after Daedelus was born."

"So, what does that get you, in 'forever' terms?" Peter asked.

"Damned if I know," Dude answered glumly.


  1. I hope Alice is in love with Dude and just hasn't realized it yet.