Sunday, March 1, 2015

#94: Alice's Baby

Dude came home from work at 10 p.m.

"Hey, guess what?"  He walked over to Bill, who was fishing.  "I got promoted!"

"Dude!" Bill exulted.  "That's great!"

"Yeah--it's an extra $13 an hour!" Dude said.

"You'll be able to buy some diapers with that!" Bill teased.


The next morning, most of the household was watching the news,

while Alice happily made them all scrambled eggs.

She had just plated breakfast, when she felt something unusual.

Dude rushed over.  "What's wrong, Alice?"

"Nothing's wrong, Dude," Alice answered.  "I just might finally be in labor, that's all."

"That's great!" Dude cried.  "What should I do?"

"How about you just grab a plate of scrambled eggs and sit down?" she suggested, amused.


They all sat down to eat.  Alice suddenly grimaced.

"Are you really okay???" Regina asked, worried.

"Oh, yeah," Alice assured her.  "I read a book--this is apparently completely normal."

"Well, please remember to pass on that very helpful book to Regina!" Bill said.


The household spent the rest of the day watching culinary training videos (because that's what Alice wanted to do, and no one wanted to be away from her).

Alice took a nap in the late afternoon,

but woke up suddenly an hour later.

"It's a boy," Alice announced.

Dude had tears in his eyes.

"Guys, this is Daedelus Jones-Musico," Dude announced proudly.